No product containing estriol is FDA-approved and its effect and safety are not known. CUSTOM COMPOUNDED HORMONES ARE NOT NATURAL HORMONES. The advantages and risks of hormone replacement therapy have been in controversial flux since 1959. One decade it is wonderful, the next decade it is condemned.

Most of you fear conventional hormonal therapy. Over 70% of you quit hormonal therapy that your GYN doctor recommended, and over 25% of you have lost confidence in him.

Hormonal therapy does give short-term relief from intractable symptoms, such as frequent and intense hot flashes, vaginal dryness that makes sex uncomfortable, and overwhelming fatigue and mood changes.

HRT is the most effective treatment for these discomforts. Recently, Suzanne Somers, Michael Platt, and Oprah Winfrey, have touted the benefits of a new kind of hormone bioidentical. The best seller “ the Sexy Years” pushes the secrets to fabulous sex, vitality and great health, when everyone discovers the hormone connection.

Bio-identical hormones are similar biologically to those produced by your ovaries. They include: progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, and cortisol. The FDA regulates all of them.


Pharmaceutical compounding is the combining, mixing, or altering of ingredients to create a customized medication. CUSTOM COMPOUNDED HORMONES ARE NOT NATURAL HORMONES. These hormones come from plants derived hormones from soy products or wild yam, and are converted into different hormones through a German lab.

They do not have the same structure as natural female hormones and can vary in dosage, absorption, and have no quality checks. They have not undergone rigorous clinical testing for safety efficacy, purity, potency, and quality. They are not approved by the FDA and are exempt from patient package inserts.

There are claims that you can individualize hormonal therapy by salivary testing. There is no relationship between the sex hormone concentrations in your saliva and in your blood. The hormonal levels in saliva vary by your diet, the hormone tested and the time of day.

Bio-identical” products pose the same risks as those of standard hormones—plus whatever problems might be introduced by synthetic compounding. Hormone therapy is now mainly prescribed for the short-term treatment of postmenopausal symptoms using low doses of an estrogen such as estradiol.

Estradiol is a very weak estrogen. The progesterone hormone compounded is too large to be absorbed well in the system. Commercially available bioidentical estradiol comes in several forms, including pill, patch, cream, and various vaginal preparations. Micronized progesterone comes in a capsule or as a vaginal gel.

The products are biochemically similar or identical to those produced by the ovaries or body. However, the relevant chemicals (steroids) in plants are not identical to those in humans. To make products that work in humans, raw materials from the plants must be converted to human hormones.


Be careful with some products containing estriol. No product containing estriol is FDA-approved and its effect and safety are not known. Bioidentical hormones are advertised as chemically identical to those made by the human body and are often described as “natural.

There is no credible evidence that these compounded hormones can prevent or treat such diseases as Alzheimer’s, stroke, and some cancers.

The manufacturers of Premarin have lost 50% of the market in the last ten years. They are under pressure to continual erosion in their products with the rise in their retail cost to over $100 for a 15 gm. tube of vaginal Premarin cream. No wonder the public is seeking alternatives.

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