The heat in pasteurization kills natural proteins and enzymes, and destroys Vitamins C, B6, and B12. The natural food movement says it has mystical healing powers and good microbes that can treat everything. Is it deadly or manna from heaven? Dairy owners have been selling raw milk over the last 8 years in 28 states.

Recently, in an attempt to get back to nature, a national conference of raw milk advocates in Wisconsin launched a symposium advocating raw milk as a medicine They claim raw milk destroys health giving vitamins, enzymes, and organisms.
The Weston Price Foundation, formed by an Ohio dentist who championed the nutritional benefits of raw milk, championed this viewpoint.

In 1900, clean white milk was used as a medicine to cure chronic diseases it was used. The lactobacillus in milk helped the bowel and protected its lining. Raw milk was fed to babies believing it could strengthen their immunity and help digestion.

Raw milk proponents are concerned about the chemicals and hormones in dairy farming. They say the heat in pasteurization kills natural proteins and enzymes, and destroys Vitamins C, B6, and B12. Since the cows, rather than being grass fed, are now confined to pens and fed cottonseed and soybean meals, the cow milk no longer offer immunity.

Pasteurization began in 1920 when the dairy farms took over distilleries that were bootlegging whiskey. The milk is heated to 161° for 15 seconds to kill pathogens. It is felt that heating also destroys enzymes in the organism important to good health

There was a lot of filth and pollution in these dairy farms, and people became sick and died from infected milk. In response, the government ordered that milk be heated for 15 seconds at 71 degrees centigrade to sterilize the milk. This was called pasteurization.

The FDA insists pasteurization destroys bad bacteria, extends shelf life, and really doesn’t significantly change the nutritional value of milk. They also claim hundreds of people get sick from salmonella, E coli and other bacteria.

The Center for Disease control say 1000 people got sick over 7 years (between 1998 and 2005 and 2 people died.
The AMA, Center for disease control and prevention, pediatric academy, and FDA all feel raw milk should not be consumed since it can contain pathogens.

State public health officials claim milk can be dangerous and filled with germs hazardous to children and their immune system.

Twenty-two states prohibit selling raw milk for humans. All the other states only allow it within their borders. The Federal government has let states regulate the raw milk industry. The FDA however prohibits sales across state borders.

It is legal to sell unpasteurized milk in only 10 states, and in another 10 to drink unpasteurized milk. In Maryland “cow sharing agreements” were created to skirt a ban on raw milk sales. The farmers take care of cows that are leased to them by the consumers. Some interstate shipments were made in California to be used only as pet food.

Milk can be contaminated with Salmonella, E. coli, and campylobacter, which are carried in unclean manure and dirty milking equipment.

Foods Market Inc. lobbed for a bill to keep raw milk dairies in business, saying they want to let the consumer have a choice.

Should the FDA spend more time on farming practices that hurt food safety, like confining animals, use of estrogen and antibiotics on animals. Should raw milk be available? Everything is subjective and the battle goes on.

Weston Price Foundation
Foods Market Inc

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