The vagina is self-cleansing and doesn’t need any treatment. It is estimated that 20% to 40% of American women aged 15 to 44 years douche regularly. About half of these women douche every week. Over 50% of sexually active teen agers douche after sex. Sexually transmitted infections are also more common in these girls. A discussion of douching and vaginal cleansing is in order.


Research shows that women who douche regularly have more health problems than women who do not. Women douche for a lot of reasons, but we doctors do not recommend douching. Douching can change the vaginal flora, and predispose to vaginal infections as bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections, infertility and even ectopic pregnancy.

The vagina is self-cleansing and doesn’t need any treatment. The vulva and vagina have friendly microorganisms that keep the area healthy. When the normal balance is disturbed, an infection results. Lactic acid secreted by normal organisms in the vagina prevent the growth of dangerous bacteria. Douching can change this delicate balance, make you more prone to infection, and spread any existing infecdtion up into the uterus and tubes.

Douching does not prevent pregnancy and should never be used as a means of birth control. It may actually make pregnancy easier since the sperm are pushed up into the cervix and vagina. The sperm reach the cervix within 1 minute from ejaculation.


Dr Needles Health Formula: Success equals failure minus one. Eliminate some of the causes of vulvar irritations and you will be healthier.

After using the toilet,wipe from the front toward the back to avoid introducing bacteri from the anal area into the vulva.

Avoid perfumed colored toilet paper. Any fragrant vaginal deoderant found in tampons, napkins and toilet paper can cause irritations. Wash your panties in fragrant free detergents and softeners.

Get out of a wet bathing suit as soon as possible. Avoid wetness by not wearing leather trousers, tight jeans, or panties made of nylon and synthetic fabrics that don’t have a cotton crotch. Wear loose underpants and change frequently.

Only use corn starch powder on the gential skin to absorb perspiration. Talcum body powder is a no-no.
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