Start your diet plan today. Over 60% of Americans are overweight. To begin the Battle of the Bulge, you must locate your enemy before the battle can begin.

You may crave food at all times of the day, except at meal times. You may be just eating because it’s something to do, and eating helps you forget about your worries and anxieties. At dinner and lunch you eat sensibly in front of others, but when alone, wow do you pig out.

Most of us spend very little time eating our meals, are always hurried. The body does not have enough time to adjust the feeling of fullness, and can’t signal you when to stop. You eat in front of the TV, in bed, at the refrigerator, at your desk, while shopping,--it seems you eat almost everywhere. Every room in the house has a clue of food crumbs and keeps signaling you to eat. While watching the news, you always treat yourself to a rewarding a drink.

While eating snacks, you seem bored, lonely, depressed, and tired. Food gives you temporary gratification in an attempt to rid you of your negative feelings. Chocolates and sugar pick up your feelings and spirits, but this elevated mood elevation lasts a short time. When you’re angry, you take it out on yourself by eating. At lunch you take your food to your desk to show the boss how hard you work, and you console yourself with cookies and snacks.

Coming home, you find your spouse left his underwear on the floor, did not clean the shower, left food and dirty dishes on the table, and this sparks your appetite. Rather than speaking up, you eat.

Start your diet plan today. To lose weight, you must It’s take in fewer calories. Every 3500 calories you cut out will result in a pound lost. Everyone tells you to avoid carbs, but you do require a good amount of complex carbohydrates like beans, brown rice, whole grain breads, corn and yes, potatoes and pasta. i a were better than punishment in weight loss. Reward yourself with positive reinforcement: a massage, manicure,or a new hairstyle. If you goofed off your diet today, remember tomorrow will also be a new beginning.

Everything you buy today is in super deluxe huge packages. Repackage your food into smaller portions, freeze your leftovers, and use them for another meal. Remember there is nothing wrong with even throwing food away: bring in less food into the house.
If you plan ahead what you’re going to eat today, you will save yourself a lot of calories, and save money as well.

Go food shopping when you’re not hungry When you feel full, just after your meal. start your shopping by visiting the fresh food and vegetable department. Buy tuna in water, and read the labels of everything that you’re throwing into your basket. When you give in to an impulse to buy some high caloric food snack, buy the very smallest package, even though it costs more per ounce. When buying a salad dressing pick olive oil and plan on mixing it with yogurt, milk, and garlic. Looking for cereal? Stick to oatmeal or plain shredded wheat. Avoid cereals with added sugar, salt, or chemicals you can’t even pronounce. When reading labels, remember, ingredients are listed in the order of quantity.

Buy plain yogurt and add your own fruit or low calorie jams or jellies to it. Snack with skim milk mozzarella cheese. Stay away from the meat counter. Look for the fresh fish since they contain fewer calories than even chicken or veal. They’re also loaded with vitamins and minerals. Be aware that some diet foods actually are higher in calories than the regular type. When you go by the pop department stay away from diet sodas since they are high in salt, and contain a lot of phosphorus that pull calcium from your bones, resulting in osteoporosis.

As you’re changing her life, the people you love best will feel you are rejecting them when you reject the food they offer you. Try to find a dieting partner, and if you can’t find one, pick a friend who is thin. It’s hard for someone 50 pounds overweight, and not ready to go on a diet with you, to be very sympathetic to your game plan. It makes them feel out of control, and they resent you for even asking them to join you. . As you lose weight, they remark how tired you look, at how you’re always counting calories, and they can’t enjoy a meal out with you anymore. They tell you they liked you better when you were heavier. You can’t be all things to everybody and not everyone will keep loving the thin you. They will try to block your dieting by asking you if want something to eat. If you give in, you will resent yourself and your friend who torpedoed you.

Have you watched thin people eat? Drink a glass of water before you eat or have an apple 10 minutes before you sit down for dinner. Wait a minute before you start eating at the table. Cut all the food into smaller pieces even a banana. Chew each mouthful 10 to 20 times. Keep putting a knife and fork down between bites and really taste the food. Do a lot of talking but now with a full mouth. It will slow down the time your food stays in the stomach and send you a message that. you are full. Pick foods that take longer to eat, like a big plain potato: choose a fruit rather than custard. Have a huge green salad instead of easy to scoop up macaroni. Always eat the best nutritious food first. Try eating with your opposite hand, telling everyone you have carpal tunnel in the other hand. If you’re going out for dinner tonight, don’t let yourself get too hungry before the dinner. If you haven’t eaten in the last four hours, have a piece of fruit, plain yogurt, or a slice of lunch meat before you go.

Don’t make your kitchen your castle. Stay out of it as much as possible. Unconsciously you may spend a lot of time by yourself cooking: since no one is watching you start snacking. If your diet includes a high percentage of complex carbohydrates you will lose more weight,and feel better. Try taking in 100 g of carbohydrates scattered throughout the day. This will keep your blood sugar from dropping and give you a lot more energy.

Avoid foods with high fat content: as butter, cooking oils, mayonnaise, fat meats, bacon, sausage, and yes potato chips. Remember all that lunchmeat, salami ,bologna, and hotdogs are high in fat have a lot of toxic chemicals. Your body likes to use carbohydrates for energy, but if you are on a high-protein diet your body works extra hard to get the energy from the protein. Proteins requires a lot of fluids to flush out the liver, They also pull calcium from your body, and speed up your body’s metabolic rate.

Most of us get 75% of our protein from animal sources and we should cut this down to 35%. Make up the difference by eating more fish, chicken, eggs, beans, and even peanut butter with whole-grain bread. The darker the protein looks, the more nourishment it has. Pick whole-grain breads, oatmeal, and brown rice to increase the fiber in your body. Vegetables also have a high fiber content, like: cabbage, carrots, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, bees, beans, and tomatoes. In the fruit department, pick apples, grapes, and oranges, since they can reduce the fat and cholesterol in your blood.

When cooking, use very little salt, since it causes water retention and can raise your blood pressure. Broil or poach your fish with lemon juice and pepper. Season your vegetables with apple cider or juice, and add vinegar to your tomatoes and cucumbers. Avoid cooking wine, since they have a great deal of salt. Better to take your table wine and put some of it in your cooking. The alcohol burns off during the cooking anyway. Add cloves and garlic for flavor. Use fresh ginger,onions, scallions, and you won’t need salt at all. Poach your chicken or seafood, with broth or clam juice.

Imitation dairy products all contain saturated coconut oil, which is usually listed as pure vegetable oil and should be avoided. For a tasty salad dressing, mix buttermilk with mayonnaise and add some spices and herbs. Avoid any labels that say” hydrogenated “, which means your unsaturated fat is saturated with extra hydrogen atoms.

How about the drinks? Hard liquor as Scotch vodka and gin add 75 calories. A four ounce glass of wine has slightly more. If you like wine, stay with white wine and add club soda with the splash of wine and perhaps a twist of lemon. Liqueurs, gin, and rum should not be on your diet says they are high in sugar and calories, and raise your alcohol blood level quickly. Avoid the mixers like Coke, ginger ale, and tonic water, since they boost your calorie count high.

Going to cocktail party? Eat before you go, and have some yogurt, an apple, or even an open faced peanut butter and banana sandwich. Be fashionable and arrive late. Avoid that handful of peanuts since it adds up to 800 calories nearly half your daily intake. Remember: “a moment on the lips, an inch on the hips”.

If it’s a buffet, walk around the whole aisle before you choose to start eating. Avoid the hot dishes, since they have a lot of fattening sauces. Stick to the salad, fruit, and cold meats. If you’re going to have cheese, pick the hard cheeses since they have less butterfat and you don’t have to have crackers to eat them. Hard cheese has about 50 calories per ounce while spreadable cheese has 80 calories per ounce. Forget the chips, since they have 15 calories per chip and are high in fat and salt, and are quite addictive. Dig into the colorful plate of sliced vegetables and chew them slowly. if you can’t hide the leftovers on your plate cut them into tiny pieces, and put them on the edge of the plate so they look as if you’ve been eating.

Going to the restaurant? Plan ahead and ask for a combination of vegetables that perhaps are not on the menu, and decide in advance what you want to eat without even looking at the menu. Every restaurant has broiled or blackened fish and some sort of tossed salad. Quit reading over all those rich dishes on the menu, that you aren’t going to order anyway. Take the bread and move it over to your skinny companion. Pick a dish that require slow eating, as a cold lobster or mussels. Be the last person to start eating and eat slowly. Muscles are good choices they take forever to eat and you only get 200 calories and the entire appetizer.

Avoid everything fried shrimp, rice, and egg rolls. Look at the appetizers you might want to have a double shrimp cocktail or broiled shrimp as your main course, Pass up the fries and onion rings. If you’re eating Mexican, choose at the tostada with vegetables or plain corn tortillas and chili sauce for nibbling. Avoid corn chips that are on the table and stay clear of tacos and enchiladas. When eating Japanese, sushi or steamed fish with a lot of vegetables are fine. Leave the tempura for others. If by chance a dish comes smothered with a sauce, scrape it off and season it with some pepper and salmon. Keep your entrée as dry as possible without gravy and sauce.

Ready for a big Mac french fries and a vanilla shake? They’ll cost you 1200 calories, Your entire days allowance. If you ordered a sandwich, make it open faced and eliminate that slice of bread of 60 calories from your daily intake. Cut the sandwich with a knife or fork to take you longer to eat. For dessert, pull out an apple that you brought in your bag. Still want more? Wait 10 minutes and have a glass of water, and ask yourself if you really have to have it.

Start being self absorbed on how you look and pamper yourself. Start seeing the new you, in new bright colors, and look at all the fashion magazines to give you ideas to help you change your image. Life is a bumpy road for everybody whether you are slim or your fat, be realistic and take one day at a time.

Start going for walks. Exercise decreases your appetite reduces anxiety, stress, lowers your cholesterol, improves your complexion, helps you sleep better, reduces your risk of osteoporosis, and give you a great sense of well-being.

If you are responsible for planning, buying, and preparing meals for the family, you invest a lot of time, thought, and energy on food. Keep telling yourself why you want to lose weight and think about more about yourself than about anyone else. Thoughts will come to tempt you to go off your diet. Poke holes in such negative reasoning.

Soon you will be thin. Everyone will notice it before you do. It will appear that it happened overnight. And you yourself will not recognize self. You swill soon see the new you, that you’ve always wanted to be. Getting used to the new you is not easy. Most people lose weight and gain it back. An acupuncture visit can stabilize your clock and prevent rebound weight gain.

Realize there will be changes in your life. People will look at you differently and you must make the mental adjustment that you will stay slim. Some of your friends will resent you since they loved being with the fat you. Friends who stayed fat will no longer know how to deal with you. Some will resent your being able to control your life when they can’t. But some people will not know how to deal with you now. Even your mate won’t say much about the eating, but may try to undermine you if he is fat. Now you’re man will think he has to worry about you at a party, as other men are becoming interested in you. He might look at who you’re talking to, and even though your conversation may be innocent, when you say you had a wonderful time, he might interprets it differently. . Give your soul mate that extra loving pat, letting him know that he is loved,needed, and wanted.

Losing weight will not change your life and turn you into the life of the party. As you grow thinner, you will change, learn new skills, and improve others. Be aware it will not be a coaster ride full of happiness. Be prepared for a letdown, when your goal is reached and you’ve lost the weight. Don’t talk yourself back into eating because it isn’t worth it. Don’t give in, the new you is great.