Ear acupressure



The ear has points that connect to all the body organ systems.

Acupressure on the body points listed for three minutes with heavy-duty paper clip should reduce pain for listed conditions. Magnets on these spots may help reduce chronic pain in areas shown.

Pressure on scalp will show painful areas and these should be treated. They connect with the body parts. Press on scalp over painful spots for three minutes with

You can use for pain relief or other ailments. All you have to do is touch the area with a heavy duty paper clip for 3 minutes and you should see a response.
Perhaps you notice basketball coaches frantically rubbing their ears when they are in a tense game. Or note how your significant other may become aroused as you nibble on his or her ear.
The subject is quite complex and there are many points. At least it gets you stated. There are many acupuncturists that even use the ear exclusively to solve problems.

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