The gall bladder nourishes muscles and tendons. The liver makes the bile and the gallbladder stores it. The gallbladder secretes bile to help digestion, absorption, and assimilation of food. It works in harmony with the liver. Any liver disharmony affects the gallbladder. The gallbladder nourishes the muscles and tendons and allows them to move.

This meridian has the most tortuous route. It starts at the outside part of the eyelid and travels into the temporal muscle then encircles the ear. Behind the mastoid of the ear, it continues to the middle of the forehead where it again changes direction.

It then travels backward to the occipital area. It crosses the neck to the trapezius muscle and descends over the front of the shoulder to the armpit. It then zigzags over the margin at the 11
th rib, down to the top of the iliac spine, and down to the hip.

Here it continues down the outside of the thigh to the outside of the knee joint. It continues down the outside of the leg to the top of the foot between the fourth and fifth bones of the foot and ends at the outside of the fourth toe.


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