The lung governs energy and the heart governs the blood. All the blood must pass through the lung and combine with energy to nourish the organs, muscles, and skin.

The lung forms energy and moves energy. It gets pure energy from the air and expels bad energy from the body. From the lung, nourishing energy circulates to all the other organs. It also distributes defensive energy from the skin during the day and into the organs for protection at night. It moves energy downward.

It also spreads fluids through the muscles and skin. A deficiency results in a lowered resistance, and too much or too little sweating. With failure, the skin becomes dry and lifeless, and swelling occurs in the upper body. A strong lung will show up in the body hair, skin, sweat glands, and by resistance to bacteria.

This meridian starts below the clavicle and travels along the outside of the biceps muscle. It continues along the outside of the forearm and ends on the outside part of the thumb.


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