Disease Snippets

Omega-3 in diabetes
When diabetics added omega-3 to their diet, insulin resistance failed to occur. We all know omega-3 fatty acids. a main component of fish oi,l is a potent anti-inflammatory agent. Researchers found that a recepto,r known as GPR-120, binds with the Omega-3 ,and is found on immune cells involved in inflammation, and shut down all the inflammatory pathways. Source science September 10 2010

Swine Flu 2011
Two thirds of us are already immune to HiNi swine flu. Even before last year’s swine flu vaccination program, 20% of Americans had pre-existing immunity. The vaccine added another 20% immunity. Another 20% got the swine flu bug. This means 60% of us can’t get the flu bug unless it mutates. Over two thirds of us have some kind of protection. It is not likely that the swine flu bug will mutate since it has limited ability to change, and previous viruses have not mutated very rapidly. Despite all this, everyone is offering a $25 vaccination against H1N1 this year, including drugstore pharmacists and church groups. Last year over 250 million doses of the vaccine had to be destroyed because of an overabundance supply. National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases, October 1, 2010

50 million Americans have arthritis
20% of Americans, 50 million, have doctor diagnosed arthritis. This should jump to 67 million in 20 years. Those who are obese, have twice the arthritis rate as those who have normal weights. Obesity leads to knee osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis. This leads to total knee replacements, and poor clinical outcomes after replacement. 42% of people with arthritis have limited activities. It costs us $128 billion annually. Center disease control, morbidity and mortality report, October 1, 2010

diabetics, increase your veggies
Non-starchy vegetables are an important part of diabetic diets. They contain a small amount of carbohydrates and calories, but pack a great nutritional punch. One serving contains only 25 calories, and 5 g of carbohydrate. One exchange equals half cup of veggies or one couple brought vegetables. Tripling this amount counts as one carbohydrate exchange. Remember salad greens are a free food and you could eat as much or as often as you like.

Glucosamine not helpful for arthritis
Osteoarthritis of the hip or knee is not helped with glucosamine nor chondroitin. Your choices include analgesics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, but these cause serious gastrointestinal and hard problems with long-term use. Despite being prescribed time many doctors, and used as over-the-counter medication, they do not reduce joint pain nor have any impact on narrowing joint spaces. Perhaps an alternative to consider, is medical acupuncture. Swiss National Science Foundation research program 53

Inflammation is the body’s response to a perceived threat. When a disturbance has a wound, an insect bite, or allergen, the immune system cells swarm to the area. They release chemicals for action and communication known as cytokines.-- Which caused the four classic signs of inflammation; redness, swelling, heat, and pain. Cortical nerve runs, are tiny features scattered on the surface of Denver writes-- the projections coming from neuronal cell bodies. When a neuron sends a signal to another neuron, the impulse moves from its cell body, through its acts on, through its terminals, across a synaptic gap, to the head of a spine on the receiving dendrite and then to the cell body of the new neuron.

COFFEE and Rheumatoid arthritis
Drinking 4 cups or more of coffee daily increased the risk of Rheumatoid arthritis 2.2 times. Decaf increased the risk 2.58 times, probablhy due to the industrial solvent which was used to extract caffeine before 1970. Sources: Ann. Rhem. Dis 2000:59, Arthritis Rheum 2002:46, Arthritis4600 Rheum 2007:56

Arginine important in immune responses.
Starvation or poor nutrition weakens your immune system, and makes you more susceptible to disease. This is in response to the need fof the body for adequate energy stores. Researchers find that sufficient uptake of amino acid arginine is also required for macrophages to function in immunity. Without arginine, macrophages stay inactivated. Arginine has other important roles in immunity responses. It serves as a substrate for the synthesis of nitric oxide, as a part of cellular response to bacterial infection. It also maintains a key signaling pathway that allows macrophages to fight infection effectively. Science Signal 3.2010


Chopin’s head is stored in a jar of cognac in Warsaw, Poland. The famous pianist nay has had cystic fibrosis, which could be confirmed with DNA and CAT scan studies.
It was thought Chopin died of TBC of the lungs and larynx. He was short, had delayed puberty, and was extremely weak. Often he was carried off the concert stage. With his 200th anniversary in 2010, he could be a poster inspiration for others with cystic fibrosis.
Source: Science; 7.11.2008

Bats and Rabies
Most of our rabies comes from exposure to bats. Humans cannot transmit to each other the disease. It is a dead end for the virus. In the winter, bats are dormant, though when exposed to light, they exhaust their pet reserves and die.

Cancer Prevention & broccoli
There are 50 times more anti-cancer chemical in broccoli sprouts than in mature broccoli. Three-day-old sprouts are loaded with sulforaphane a powerful cancer fighter.
The sprouts resemble alfalfa sprouts but have more flavor. They can be used in sandwiches and salads. They only take 3 days to grow from seeds and have an interesting taste.
They are not grown commercially. But if you are health conscious, you might start growing them yourself at home.
Source; Talalay, John Hopkins University, 9-15-97

over 50 million of us have allergies and half of us turn to anti-histamines. Since the brain has receptors for histamine that increase the appetite, anti-histamines cause slow down in fat metabolism and increase the odds of overeating by 55%. source:Ratiff

Because of international travel, we have seen an influx of numerous cases of measles, especially India and Israel. Fortunately, because of the high two dose MMR vaccination, measles is no longer endemic in the United States.
Source: July 11, 2008
Burning tongue

Over 15% of adults get tongue lesions. They are seen predominantly in smokers and those with dentures.
They appear as deep grooves and cause bad mouth odors when food gets trapped in the grooves. Treatments involve alpha-lipoic acid or clonazepam.

If your tongue is smooth and glossy, you may have an iron, folic acid, or vitamin B deficiency
Source: Department of Defense.

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