Western medical validation needed for the success of acupuncture.
There are three problems acupuncture has:

    1. It is a non-scientific language. Originally, western medicine was a science of anatomy. Now it is a science of biochemical and cellular physiology. Oriental medicine has an energetic framework and does not fit the matrix of western medical thinking.
 Oriental medicine uses the energetic force in the body to control the biochemical and cellular activity. These energetic forces dictate this biochemical activity. With acupuncture biochemical changes occur by yin, yang and Qi, and not explained by western biochemical physiology terms.
This traditional language allows us to have effective therapy. Pain control with acupuncture, proven by Dr. Pomerantz , show the neurovascular effect and the release of endorphins.
<    2. There is a lack of double blind placebo studies for validation.     Acupuncture brings the yin and yang chemicals into energetic balance. By knowing the cause and prevention, we can correct a symptom. There is no interest in proving the efficacy of acupuncture when results can cut on the viability of drug products and medications. Is it ethical to deny a sick patient some form of treatment. It took the NIH twenty five years to accept acupuncture. How many surgical procedures have double blind placebo studies? Aspirin has been used for 100 years and only recently has the physiologic mechanism been explained.

    3. There is a lack of modern scientific explanation of how it works.     The west uses a language of biochemical physiology and not of energetics. As technology improves, acupuncture will be validated on its own terms. As new scientific instruments are developed, they will record and describe Qi, the difference between yin and yang energy. The mechanism for dissemination of qi and the rotation of qi through the channels with acupuncture stimulation will become obvious. These works are now being done in Japan, Germany, Russia, and China.     Observing the release of endorphins with acupuncture does not describe the methods of actions but only its consequences. Yet a hundred chemical reactions may occur with acupuncture stimulation. Because they are not observed does not mean they have not occurred. Because energetic pathways of qi, yin and yang, have not been observed scientifically does not mean they do not exist.
Western medicine has a different orientation in the treatment of injury and illness. It seeks to control uncomfortable and dangerous symptoms based on manipulation of biochemical mechanisms. It focuses narrowly on disease manifestations. There is a lack of unified view of heath and vitality. It excels at crisis management of the injured. Eastern medicine looks at what a healthy body should be. It describes the free circulation of Qi and blood through defined channels and organic function energetically. It uses the natural mechanisms of regeneration and recuperation without side effects. It accelerates the healing process of non-crisis illness.
You, the informed public should have access to both kinds of treatment. And that is what American acupuncture aims to do. One therapy should compliment another and they should be used interchangeably to achieve the optimum health of you the patient.
Statistical analysis is hard to show because the body heals itself and other therapies can enhance healing. The state of the patient's mental, emotional, and spiritual status are very important to healing.
When you are suffering from a debilitating and incurable disease, you look for the most improbable promise. You must always hope. With nothing to lose you become bait for any therapy that promises a cure. Conventional and alternative therapies can work to provide the best of both worlds. Alternative therapy must be complementary as well.
You must assume responsibility for your own survival and health. Never lose hope. Miracles happen every day. Explore alternatives including those outside of the expertise of your doctor. The object is to live longer and also enjoy the best quality of life. Perhaps your doctor is opposed and does not listen to your problems. It may be time to find another doctor who understands you.



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