This energy is stored in sperm. One ejaculation has 200-500 million sperm. Each has a potential human. If each sperm was to fertilize one egg, one orgasm could populate the entire United States.

Making sperm takes one third of man’s energy output and this taxes the male immune system. During sexual arousal, the sexual fluids (essence) stored in the testes expand rapidly and rises to higher centers in the heart, brain, and nervous system. This upward movement of energy is cut short by premature ejaculation.

Frequent ejaculations allow the internal pressure of life to be expelled from the body. This leaves only enough energy for
basic needs.. The big spender goes on happily ejaculating like Niagara Falls.

With frequent ejaculations, man loses stamina, vision and grows old before his time. Semen contains a treasure of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, hormones, proteins, ions and enzymes.

It becomes difficult to take in enough nutrients to replace the energies lost by ejaculation. Sexual abilities become diminished and the body often cannot withstand diseases .

We conserve natural resources but forget the critical resources of our body’s vital energies.