Acute prostatitis is caused by masturbation and withdrawal,can result in painful intercourse.

Inadequate lubrication is the major cause and results from inadequate foreplay. The use of a malpostioned or broken diaphragm can cause male sex pain also.

Many allergies can cause inflammation of the penis. These include a) contraceptive creams, foams, and jellies: b) rubber in condoms and diaphragms; c) soaps and detergents; d) douche preparations; e) hygiene sprays and deodorants; f) externally applied lubricants; and g) normal female vaginal secretions.

Painful ejaculation is almost always caused by acute prostate inflammation.

Prostatitis can be bacterial but also due to prolonged abstinence from sex with congestion from prostatic secretion.

Traumatic injuries to the penis, testes, and vas deferens as well as herpetic inflammation of the skin of the shaft of the penis can cause pain with sex in the male.