1. Hold the scrotum and with the other hand rub the lower abdomen in a circular motion about 300 times. Pull up the perineum at the same time.

2. Rub the groin at the top of the thigh 36 times. With the other hand press hard against the perineum. This massage should result in the penis moving and lifting up. Repeat with rubbing the opposite groin.

3. Sit on the edge of a chair. Make fists with the palms of your hands and keep elbows at your side. Suck up the genitals and anus and squeeze butt tight. Pull legs straight up with toes bent back. Inhale air into the perineum. Stare at the back of your hands and focus energy just below the navel.

4. Before urinating, tighten butt and keep abdominal pressure. Stand of the tips of your toes. Exhale slowly and forcefully urinate.

5. Enlarge and lengthen penis exercise.
Place 3 fingers into the perineum. With other hand pull penis back and forth. Use thumb to rub the tip of the penis. When penis becomes erect, circle the base of the penis. Rotate penis 36 times to the right and then 36 times to the left. Follow this by beating the penis to each inner thigh 36 times. Keeping the three fingers in perineum should prevent semen from being expelled. Finish by soaking penis in warm water for a minute.

      • Decrease sensitivity of penis by rubbing penis with rice. Place a coarse cloth inside underwear.
      • Strengthen erection exercise. Squeeze base of penis with thumb and index finger and hold as long as possible to count of 9. Inhale and hold breath while doing this. Repeat exercise each time squeezing closer to head of penis.

    DIET is important for good sex. Yin food decrease sexual desires and yang foods increase sexual desires.
    Men should avoid yin foods:
    VERY YIN Foods include sugar alcohol and fructose
    YIN FOODS include beans, vegetables and fish
    Woman should avoid yang foods:
    VERY YANG FOODS include garlic ginger and red pepper
    YANG FOODS include chicken meat and eggs
    Herbs to enhance Sexual Energy:
    Man -Saw palmetto, Siberian ginseng, and Damiana
    Woman - American ginseng, Agnus-castus, False unicorn root, and Black haw