Body Energy

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Energy is present in all forms of matter. It is present in electricity, gravity, body actions, our thoughts, breathing, nerve currents, and in the air. This energy is influenced by body position, fasting, concentration, chanting, and visualization. Energy is always moving. Organ system currents shift from one system to another. Physical movement occurs by breathing, heart beating, bowels moving, blood flowing and by friction as our body moves through air. The air we breathe and the food we eat nurture the energy that we receive at birth. Magnetic electrical impulses in our nervous system influence this energy movement. We also get energy from the sun, breathing oxygen, vibrations from the ears, sight, and the nose. Our chakras and acupuncture points serve as antennas.
Solid particles of the world are affected by nature's movements. Temperature changes, day turning to night, spring turning to summer,and other outside factors influence vibrations and energy movement through power spots in the earth, over underground streams and rivers and on hilltops. Gravitational pull, thunderstorms, the moon and lack of sunshine can alter energy movement.
WE ALL FEEL VIBRATIONS FROM OTHERS. When there is a subtle vibration we consider it an aura. When you meet someone you immediately connect with their energy or you disconnect and ignore them.. You somehow like someone or you dislike someone without knowing anything about them. This same body energy connects us with all of nature and with our inner circulating body energy. There are vibrational forces outside and inside the body that make electrical currents. This allows us to be our own self sufficient world.
Body tissues have different densities. The denser the tissue the stronger the energy currents. Energy in bones, for example, last after death often for centuries. The strongest body energy current passes through the head, spine,pelvis, and legs. We are grounded to the earth by our feet.
There are three layers of energy. The deepest passes through the bone marrow and the bones.The middles layer passes through organs, blood, nerves, and muscles. And last, the superficial layer of energy is under the skin and connects us with the middle layer. It insulates us from the weather and outside vibrations.
Harmonious vibrations from the outside world help cleanse our bodies and our inner energy systems. We receive someone else's thoughts, their physical contacts, their smiles, their pleasant hellos, and we respond positively. We are connected. and bond. We become happier when we resonate with the vibrations of others. However when we receive negative vibrations from someone, our body's high energy transformer creates mayhem to our body's energy field.
ENERGY BLOCKS result when areas of the body become inflammed or congested.When our teeth chatter or our legs go into spasm, there is congestion. Acupuncture treatment, yoga, or meditation ma;y remove these blocks. With aging, the energy spiraling up and down the spine gets stuck at a certain level. At birth we are stuck at Chakra 1 and need survival skills. In our teenage years we are stuck at Chakra 2 with sexuality. In our early twenties we are stuck at Chakra 3 and need power and competitiveness. In our late twenties when we get married and have children our energy revolves around Chakra 4 and we develop concern for others. Between 30 and 40, we revolve around Chakra 5 and we develop maturity, wisdom, and creativity (the silicone kids). In our late fifties we reach Chakra 6 and become more religious and contemplate the thought of death. In our mid 60's we reach the crown chakra 7 and are at the peak of spirituality.
TODAY'S HIGH TECH WORLD has resulted in increase vibrational fields that go through our subtle body. Our cell phones, computers, electric and magnetic fields all disturb our body vibrations. Unfortunately because we are so busy,we are away from natures rhythms from the outdoors, parks, trees, and rivers that could balance and neutralize these high energy vibrations..
We cant't see thoughts, feelings and energy. We must just experience it. We are born with inate abilities to perceive subtle energy by knowing (intuitively), seeing (visionary) forseeing(prophetic) and feeling (sensitive). You can feel energy as the heat on the oven. (The hands perceive the heat). Healers can feel body resistance up to 8 inches from the body. You sense the energy in others and feel connected. What feels good about someone leads to a positive energy field. Interestingly, we must disconnect ourselves from someone's energy field from time to time or accomodation results and feelings are lost. Your energy field or your partner's energy field may be drained by one another. . Absence makes the heart grow fonder and one didn't marry one's spouse for daily lunch.
Daily stresses can disturb the subtle body energies. These abnormal currents can be physical, emotional ,psychic, or chemical. Such currents are not absorbed by the body tissue but disrupt the subtle energy balance and leave irritable pockets of energy that disrupt body function. One may need to increase ones vibrational energy by physical exercise to create a stronger clearer energy field. Eating processed junk food alters and fails to supply the vibratonal energy need by the body.
Everyone responds differntely from energy stimulation with acupuncture. When the meridian channels are balanced we may see the color of the face turn orange color, the breathing becomes slower, the forehead and eyes may show some reaction, the voice will be louder and, smoother. Watch a basketball coach under stress rub his hand over his forehead, rub his eyes, ears or nose, in an attempt to balance his energy field. As balance occurs one notices an angelic facial expression. Enter a room and feel your energy connect or clash with the room's atmosphere. A tense business meeting and the room becomes jumpy and dense. People at the meeting line up as magnetic pulls, drawing themselves together depending on their viewpoints. . Knowing the pathways help to understand the stimulus seen and the response that results from acupuncture.
As energy depletes there is a lack of oxygen; one notes paleness, cold sweat, shallow breathing, a stuffy nose, and a soft voice; the head rolls and arms dangle. Treatment with acupuncture makes the vibrational fields more dense and the obstruction of energy becomes cleared.
CHANGES IN THE STRESS LEVELS make it difficult for the body to stabilize its energy (jet lag, death of a member of the family). When stressful events are over and the pressure is oof, thats the time you may become sick. This abrupt change makes you more vulnerable to an accident. Acupuncture helps reestablish balance and prevent such illnesses.
CHOOSING YOUR DOCTOR is important. Your doctor should show love, joy, compassion and impart the view that nothing is hopeless nor impossible. If not, seek another doctor.

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