A little vacation down south in the winter can do wonders for your man’s libido. Men with normal levels of vitamin D have much more testosterone circulating in their blood than those lacking vitamin D. Austrian researchers concluded that a little sunbathing might be just the right thing to increase your soul mate’s libido, since testosterone is boosted by vitamin D.

Trying to have a baby? Researches show that testosterone and vitamin D levels are the highest in the month of August, and drop their lowest levels in March.

The first-line treatment of erectile dysfunction involves changing your lifestyle by losing weight, stop smoking, and increasing your exercise. We might add now, sunbathing.

Men, who have erectile dysfunction, are more likely to have angina, heart attacks, stroke, congestive heart failure and cardiac arrhythmia. Since most men are asymptomatic before they have an acute coronary problem, decrease libido may be the first sign of trouble and the first marker telling trouble ahead.

Over half the world’s population has low levels of vitamin D. The problem is getting worse as people spend more time indoors. Vitamin D is also crucial to activate the immune system. This means your immune system killer T cells become poor at fighting infection. These killer T cells rely on vitamin D to become active, and remain dormant when there is an infection and vitamin D is lacking in the blood.

When a T cell is exposed to a pathogen, it sends a signal to vitamin D receptors looking for vitamin D. If the T cells can’t find enough vitamin D in the blood, they can’t mobilize to fight your infections.


The sources for vitamin D are the sunlight, diet, and supplements. Sunlight converts cholesterol to vitamin D. Your foods offer a minimum amount of vitamin D. Great sources of vitamin D are oily fish like salmon. Other sources are vitamin D2 and vitamin D3. Vitamin D2 is made from yeast, and vitamin D3 is made from lanolin. Most researchers prefer vitamin D3 since it is three times more potent. 1000 IU should do the trick.

With high levels of vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus are absorbed well, and osteoporosis and fractures are minimized.
93% of patients admitted to the emergency room because of muscle aches and bone pain, have vitamin D deficiency. Bones and muscles (including heart muscle), require vitamin D to function and stay strong. Muscle weakness occurs if there is a Vitamin D deficiency.


Vitamin D is stored in body fat and released in the winter when vitamin D3 cannot be produced. If you expose your arms and legs to sunshine for 5 to 20 minutes between 10 and 3 PM, you should get plenty of vitamin D.

Enjoy your sun, take supplements of vitamin D3, (1000 I U daily), and you will maintain a healthy body, strong heart, reduce your cancer risk, and raise your libido.

If you get down south in the winter, forget the suntan lotion for the first 20 minutes of sun exposure.

Blame your decreased libido on Henry Ford for inventing the car, and blame your boss for your indoor job.
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