ALLERGIES are triggered when the immune system becomes oversensitized to something in the environment. There is an intense inflammatory response when the allergen is present. The allergen stimulates antibodies, which stimulate mast cells (white blood cells). Histamine is then stimulated, which inflames the nose and eyes.

AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE like allergies result in excess immune system activity. Rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and type I diabetes are examples of this. Antibodies identify the body’s healthy cells, and identify them as foreigners.

These antibodies then invade and attack these normal cells resulting in chronic inflammation. Acupuncture can suppress this excess reaction and thus decrease the chronic inflammation.

CANCER AND AIDS Many scientists feel that cancer cells arise in the body all the time but are held in check by immune cells. When the immune system is ineffective, they clump together forming cancer tumors (similar to snow flakes becoming a snowball). In AIDS, there is a destruction of the cellular immune system that kills key helper T cells.

VACCINATIONS When the body is under stress it is likely to produce antibodies to the vaccine and more boosters are needed.