ASTRALAGUS Stimulate interferon, fights bacteria, stimulated macrophages to fight off viruses and bacteria, activates dormant immune cells.

BARBERRY Used for general weakness, has a potent antibacterial berberine, fights salmonella, streptococcus, and also an anticancer agent.

BLESSED THISTLE Immune stimulant like barberry, enhances memory, treats liver, heart and hormonal imbalances.

ECHINACEA Stimulates immune cells in the body, production of interferon, production of tumor necrosis factor. Has antiviral and antibacterial properties. Used in AIDS and cancer treatments along with conventional medical treatment.

GARLIC Antibacterial properties, inhibits the growth of cancer, strong antioxidant removing environmental poisons and toxins.

PANAX GINSENG Most potent of the ginsengs, regulates blood sugar, hormones, fights free radicals, and used when weakness and debilitation are present.

SIBERIAN GINSENG Normalizes all the functions of the body and fights stress, illness, and fatigue. Not a true ginseng. Eleutheroside, its primary ingredient has been shown to increase athletic performance, and immunity by increasing the lymphocytes.

GRAPE SEED EXTRACT Great immune builder, has flavenoids that fight free radicals. The flavonoid oligomeric preanthocyanidin is a more powerful antioxidant than vitamin C and E. Slows aging, helps night vision, and treats several eye disorders..


GREEN TEA Antibacterial agent especially for tooth decay, and gum disease. Strong antioxidant reduces free radicals, and lowers blood pressure.