ASTRALAGUS Builds immunity. Good for colds and flu symptoms.

ECHINACEA Builds immunity and fights viral and bacterial infection. Best used to prevent infection or as a booster after antibiotics.

GARLIC Strong immune builder. Has allicin, a strong sulphur compound. Great for the heart, lowers cholesterol and lowers blood pressure. Impedes blood clotting.

NETTLE Relieves hay fever and reduces allergic sensitivity to allergens. Has diuretic properties and dries allergy symptoms. for nose and throat swellings. An anti-inflammatory. Also used for cough relief.

COLTSFOOT For bronchial congestion, asthma and bronchitis.

MULLEIN Heals swollen membranes, is a mild cough medicine. Often combined with Echinacea. Can be used as an inhalant or taken as a tea.

GOLDENSEAL Acts as a broad-spectrum antibiotic. Also stimulates immune system. Used in acute active infections of throat, ears and sinuses. Stop taking it when infection is over and then take Echinacea to prevent relapse.

BONSET Best fever buster. Used for muscle pain from the flu and also for joint pains. Never take more than 10 days in a row.

ELDERBERRY Great to lower fever. High in Vitamins ABC. Fights viruses and bacteria.

YARROW Acts like aspirin. Used as a tea but is bitter. Best to add honey or lemon to the tea.

MYRRH Stimulates white blood cells. Reduces fever. Natural antibiotic. Usually a gargle in mouth washes.

SLIPPERY ELM For coughs and infections.

EYEBRIGHT For itchy, red, and runny eyes from conjunctivitis or allergies.

CINAMMON BARK For nausea and vomiting. Also for impotence and late menstrual periods.

MARSHMALLOW For ulcers and colitis.