1. Hold the scrotum and with the other hand rub the lower abdomen in a circular motion about 300 times. Pull up the perineum at the same time.

2. Rub the groin at the top of the thigh 36 times. With the other hand press hard against the perineum. This massage should result in the penis moving and lifting up. Repeat with rubbing the opposite groin.

3. Sit on the edge of a chair. Make fists with the palms of your hands and keep elbows at your side. Suck up the genitals and anus and squeeze butt tight. Pull legs straight up with toes bent back. Inhale air into the perineum. Stare at the back of your hands and focus energy just below the navel.

4. Before urinating, tighten butt and keep abdominal pressure. Stand of the tips of your toes. Exhale slowly and forcefully urinate.

5. Enlarge and lengthen penis exercise. Place 3 fingers into the perineum. With other hand pull penis back and forth. Use thumb to rub the tip of the penis. When penis becomes erect, circle the base of the penis. Rotate penis 36 times to the right and then 36 times to the left. Follow this by beating the penis to each inner thigh 36 times. Keeping the three fingers in perineum should prevent semen from being expelled. Finish by soaking penis in warm water for a minute.

      DIET is important for good sex. Yin food decrease sexual desires and yang foods increase sexual desires.
      Men should avoid yin foods:
      VERY YIN Foods include sugar alcohol and fructose
      YIN FOODS include beans, vegetables and fish
      Woman should avoid yang foods:
      VERY YANG FOODS include garlic ginger and red pepper
      YANG FOODS include chicken meat and eggs
      Herbs to enhance Sexual Energy:
      Man -Saw palmetto, Siberian ginseng, and Damiana
      Woman - American ginseng, Agnus-castus, False unicorn root, and Black haw


      There are basically nine. Many others are merely the altering of positions of the legs. The person who moves brings healing. The inactive person receives healing and can concentrate on
      partner’s healing energy.
      A. Face to Face

        B. Back Facing


          1. Sacral point Man at base of penis and pubic bone Woman at top of vagina As approach orgasm, put both hands on buttocks at coccyx area
          and pull up anus and vagina.
          2. Kidney point
          Hold partner’s little fingers (heart and small intestine points begin and end at this point.) For premature ejaculation, put hands on hips to prevent energy drainage of the kidneys.
          3. Adrenal point
          To enhance low sexual energy, put heel of both palms on lower ribs at top of pelvis

          4. Liver and spleen points Place hands on lower tip of wing bones.

          5. Heart and Lung points Place hands between the scapula and spine 6.C7 Point

          Put hands at base of neck. This is the passage way of many meridians.
          7. Neck point
          Put hand on back of neck and the other hand over the sacrum.
          8. Energizing point (the Jade pillow)
          Put one hand on base of skull and the other hand over the sacrum
          9. Crown point
          Top of head In foreplay, put one hand over the sacrum with middle finger at tip of coccyx and let the other hand roam along all the other points starting at pelvis and proceeding to top of head. Energize using eyes, nose and tongue. Look at partner’s eyes. They are like magnets drawing or pulling from each other. Rub noses and feel the sparks. Move tongue into partner’s mouth. These all help join the flow of energy.
          During orgasm, the act of love is an act of respiration. Yin exhales and yang inhales. Partners coordinate their breathing putting an ear to partner’s nose and feel partner breathing. As you exhale, feel the yin entering partner as partner inhales. On inhaling, feel yin power going to the penis. Women feel the yang power from the penis going to her G spot (at top of vagina). Feel the energy traveling up to your crown.
          To stop premature ejaculation, push down as if having a bowel movement. Have partner make ring with her fingers around testes, pulling downward. Man counts to 100 and does the big draw.(as in previous male exercises). Tongue is placed against upper palate. This generates saliva and is the link to the pituitary gland. Toes are curled back and fists become clenched. Penis is withdrawn to opening of vagina.


          Acupuncture enhances all the sexual energy points, which have become weakened by illness or mental blockage. Vascular blockage to genitals is relieved often restoring sexual prowess. Impotence and premature ejaculation are helped with acupuncture.


          For the past 200 years, humans have manipulated life’s problems. Two hundred years ago, 98% of the world ‘s population was farmers. Running water and sewage disposal were introduced less than a hundred years ago. Yet, we are now more susceptible to disease than 50 years ago. We are plagued with resistant bacteria, new virulent viruses and parasites. Environmental problems have resulted in many human made diseases. We are powerful and intelligent creatures with modern technology to assist us in stamping out disease, yet, pollution, holes in the ozone layer of the sky, global warming, and satellite electromagnetic beams have all contributed to a decrease in our immunity in fighting off disease. Western medicine can no longer solve all disease.


          Disease and epidemics have changed the course of history.
          In 430 BC, in Athens there were 200,000 inhabitants. War broke out with Sparta. Over 1/2 of the Athenians died of some mysterious disease that resulted in the collapse of Athens. (Cause was possibly influenza and staph with toxic shock.)
          In 130 BC, troops from Syria brought smallpox home and 1/2 of the population of 2 million people died. Over the next 14 years, 7 million Europeans died.
          In 550 AD, the bubonic plague hit Europe killing 1/2 of the population. Bacteria had a field day. 30% of the Romans lived past 30 years. In the country, 70% of the people lived past 30.
          In 1351 AD, Bubonic plague came and 30 million Europeans died. The cause was a bacterium, Yersinia pestis, found in the gut of fleas that lived off the blood of rodents. The rodents died and the fleas attached to humans. The lymphatics of man were entered resulting in hemorrhage and dementia. Black and purple
          spots were noted on the skin. London’s population of 60,000 was reduced to 35,000. Within 2 years 2/3 of China was destroyed with drought and famine following the plague.
          In 1519 Cortez brought small pox to Mexico. Within 50 years the population dropped from 25 million to 3 million. (The Spanish were immune to the disease at that time.)
          Traders from the Mediterranean, looking for silk, spread malaria to China. Schistosomiasis killed in the southern Yangtze, and smallpox killed in the North.
          In the sixteenth century white man’s diseases appeared. 1520 smallpox, 1530 typhus, 1558 influenza and 100 mumps. In the New America, measles, small pox and mumps killed over 90 million Indians leaving only 10 million survivors.
          In the late 1880 syphilis appeared on the scene with two spirochetes, the Yans in Africa and the Bejel in the Middle East . Transmutation occurred and a new spirochete Treponema came on the scene.
          In 1918, influenza killed 20 million people. Its effect was overshadowed by World War I.
          By the year 2000 it is estimated that 40-100 million people will be infected. Already 20 million adults and 1 million children have been killed by the virus. By 2010 it is estimated that 1/2 of Africans south of the Sahara will die of Aids.
          In 1989, in Reston Virginia, Ebola fever was found in two Filipinos who caught it from monkeys. After intense treatment, they were saved. This illustrates with our global travel how quickly disease can spread through out the world.
          In 1994, Cholera was found in refuge camp of Tanzania during its battle with Zaire. While the Huts and Tutsi fought, neighborhood Rwanda was dying.


          In 1847, a Hungarian Semmelweis noted that 30% of mothers died after delivering their children. He noted medical students were leaving the autopsy rooms and going to deliver babies. His idea of infection was rejected and he died penniless and insane.In 1860, Pasteur told us that germs caused disease. In 1880, a German, Koch identified bacteria and discovered how to isolate and grow them.In 1909, Ehrlich discovered arsphenamine as the first drug for syphilis.In 1928, Fleming discovered Penicillin but it took until 1938 before it was used in the war against bacteria. In 1932, Domagu discovered sulfur to kill strep bacteria.In 1943, Flory and Chain made penicillin commercially and by 1953 400 tons a year were produced. In 1949, Waksman discovered streptomycin, which was used for TB treatment.In 1947, Chloromycetin and Tetracycline were discovered.Since 1960 only one new family of antibiotics have been discovered, the Quinolones. They wreck the chromosomes of bacteria but their use has severe side effects.


          With the use of antibiotics and vaccines, we thought we could stamp out all disease. Our past successes with small pox, diphtheria, polio, TB and syphilis led us to believe the war against germs was won. In the matter of time all disease will be analyzed and wiped out. We think nature is benign. We mistakenly thought that all agents causing disease would react to our miracle antibiotics. Yet viruses, bacteria, and parasites remain a threat to the survival of mankind without killing the human host.
          In 1950, Penicillin killed 100% of staph bacteria; in 1980 only 10% of staph were destroyed by penicillin.
          Bacteria are either rods or round, have no nucleus, and reproduce by dividing (as fast as every 20 minutes). They survive anywhere. 90% of the 1000 million cells that make our bodies are bacteria. Staph bacteria live over our entire skin (1 million per inch).
          Bacteria are our friends. Only a few bacteria are harmful. The good bacteria keep the world clean and green. They release nitrogen into plants. Bacteria in our mouth keep harmful bacteria away. Our white cells make macrophages that are suicide cells destroy bad bacteria and then they die.
          Antibiotics kill good and bad bacteria. The lactobacillus in the vagina is destroyed causing yeast overgrowth, and Eshcericia coli in the bowel is killed with antibiotics causing diarrhea.
          Deadly bacteria reproduce in less than one hour, doubling all the time. As they reproduce they are not the same bacteria, but mutants occur. The antibiotics may wipe them away anyway, but some resist and may survive in the host. Previously harmless bacteria now become hostile. They can pass on resistance to the antibiotics without inheriting it.
          In 1983, McClintock found bacteria have rings of DNA (plasmids) that reproduce and have genetic changes that tell the bacteria how to defend against the antibiotics. Pnemococci bacteria were found to devour random strings of DNA and cause mutations.
          This results in super bugs in high concentrations in locations where antibiotics and bacteria are found, mainly in the very sick people in hospitals. Workers in hospitals carry strep to the hospital. Intensive care units harbor super bugs that are not destroyed by germicidal cleaning. Personnel go outside to smoke and return with outdoor bacteria. Nurses and doctors constantly attending to the very sick harbor bacteria in their noses and on their skin that to them are not harmful but to the immune deficient patient these bacteria become virulent.
          "Bugs are out there to get us". All we have to do is wipe out the enemy and we will be cleaned. Kids in day care centers are given antibiotic creams for cuts and bruises that result in super bugs. Patients visit the doctor with a cold and insist on an antibiotic to get well fast. Doctors comply rather than discuss the matter. Besides, it could become a malpractice issue if the patient later got pneumonia.
          We have been destroying good bacteria that are part of us, that help us in ways that we do not know. Bacteria change and we
          create new antibiotics to kill them but the bacteria alter again. We have new organisms proliferate that never existed before in nature. Our body’s defenses now make antibodies against our own cells. Our immune system becomes deficient. The macrophages and T cells can’t reproduce fast enough to build up our defenses.
          There are other reasons for this decrease in body immunity. Some are: industrial pollution, domestic waste, and animals fed antibiotics, which become our hamburgers. These and others will be discussed later in this chapter.We must keep our immunity strong. American acupuncture is one excellent way of restoring the body’s balance and defenses to fight existing diseases.


          In this next section we shall see that parasites that we destroyed over the last 200 years are making a return to plague us again. Malaria, Cholera, and Yellow fever were thought conquered but they also like the super bugs are again present despite our heroic public efforts.
          YELLOW FEVER (also called white man’s grave) endemic in Africa, is characterized by bleeding from the stomach and nose with associated high delirious fevers. Out breaks occurred on ships in 1648 at Martinique and then Cuba. in 1803 Napoleon sent an army to Haiti of 33,000 men with 90% of them perishing from Yellow fever. For over 20 years a Cuban, Dr. Farlay, kept saying that a mosquito caused the disease but couldn’t prove it. Later the mosquito Aedes segypti was implicated. It was present only the first few days of the disease and then the patient would only be contagious within the first two weeks. In 1793, 5,000 people were killed in Philadelphia by the disease.
          In 1927 the virus was found in the rhesus monkeys and ten years later Thailes made a vaccine that was 100% effective. Sounds like the end of Yellow Fever. But we could vaccinate all humans but couldn’t vaccinate all the monkeys in the jungles. The forest virus was found to spread in the jungles. Cuba and other islands were sprayed with DDT to eradicate the mosquito.
          In 1959 the disease reappeared in South America. In 1960,as the dangers of DDT were discovered the people refused to have their lands sprayed. Yellow fever has been noted again in the jungles. It seems that no disease is ever defeated in its own habitat and only grows more lethal in some parts of the world.
          MALARIA has killed 400 people annually with 90% of them in tropical Africa.. At present, three million people still die annually in Africa from Malaria.The bite of infected anopheline mosquito injects plasmodium parasite into the human blood. The mosquito injects saliva into the blood so no clotting occurs while the mosquito feeds. The parasite enters the liver and remains a sleepy animal until a sudden shock reactivates it. Four species were discovered by Dr. Laverian in 1880.
          In 1820, Pelletier discovered quinine from the bark of the quinchona tree. It was found to arrest the disease. In 1942, during W.W.II the Japanese cut off our supply of quinine from Java and we were forced to use something more powerful, Chloroquine. In 1958 we sprayed the jungles with choroquine (active ingredient DDT). Resistant strains of mosquito and other pests flourished. The insects returned with new resistance.
          In 1969, 1/2 million people died in Sri Lanka of the disease. In 1975, six million people died. There was three times more cases of malaria in 1975 than in 1961.
          During the Vietnamese war we made floquine, which stopped the enzymatic reaction. Resistance again developed. In 1980, the wormwood vaccine was made from a plant in china to control the disease. Again resistance developed. In 1983, 97 % of the patients were cured with Carbochlorquine and pyrimethane. In 1990 only 21% of these patients were cured with this treatment.
          In 1986 a new strain falciparun was found and it became resistant to our new drug Mefloquine. This mosquito caused 1/2 of all the malaria in Cambodia, and we had no weapon.
          The parasite formed a new enzyme that pumped out the drugs out of the cells. The mosquito is winning against all human attempts. We must view our natural world more critically. We interfere with natural world forces and subtle forces affect our
          heath. We tackle disease with head on cures, vaccines, vector controls, and change how we live. The result is the release of previously hidden microbes.


          Cholera is a disease that results in very watery stools and death in 24 hours. A vaccine was developed in 1893, which practically eradicated the disease. In 1961 a new strain was found in Indonesia called ‘El Tor". An outbreak occurred in South America, Africa and India in 1990. In 1991, Lima Peru stopped chlorinating its water and 9600 deaths from cholera resulted. In 1992 a new strain was discovered in Bangkok.


          EBOLA virus was discovered in 1962 in eastern Bolivia. It is an African hemorrhagic virus (called Marburg from the village in Africa where the first outbreak was noted.). The virus destroys all clotting mechanisms and destroys the immune system. The heart bleeds into itself. Holes appear in all the organs. It destroys itself and the human it infests in 5 days. To survive the virus must leap into an new host.
          It is the only virus that curls itself up in a ring. It has 7 proteins wrapped around a strand of RNA and twists into weird shapes. Its genetic structure is very settled (implying it is a very old virus). It has not mutated. There currently is no anti viral drug to fight this virus.
          LASSA VIRUS is a virus that has been endemic in West Africa for years and was camouflaged by other infections. It is characterized by dark spines with a pitting firm perfect sphere. Dr. Cords was infected with this virus and injected himself with the plasma of another infected patient. He recovered rather quickly. Today there are antiviral drugs that work on this disease.


          For the last 200 years we have been burning oil, gas, and coal, which has released carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Plants rotting and animal digestive systems release methane into the
          air. Carbon dioxide and methane trap heat from the sun that would be reflected back to us as infrared light. This additional heat in our atmosphere adds to warmer summers and warmer wetter winters in the North. Storms increase in the south in the winter and summer draughts occur where farming is intense.
          Sea levels rise with rivers and low-lying wetlands overflowing. Beaches disappear. It is predicted that Spain will be a desert and France will be like Spain is today.
          As the ice caps melt the ocean will become warmer. Atlantic coast beaches will disappear. (1.7 billion people live less than 49 miles from the Mediterranean Sea and 135 million live in coastal strips.
          Rainfall will increase and flooded areas will flood more. Water will evaporate faster so deserts will be drier. Hurricanes will get stronger since they get their energy from the warm oceans.
          The good effect of this is that the cloudier sky will counter this warming. The danger is that viruses, yellow fever, malaria and dengue fever increase in warmer weather. With increased migration and fighting in the Middle East and the loss of basic health services in Russia more disease should multiply. Nevertheless, global warming is here to stay and with it many problems.


          Chlorine is the source of wildlife problems. Since 1930 organochlorines have made pesticides, solvents, propellants, coolants, fast food packaging, insulating foam, plastics (PVC), plastics for clothing, building materials, containers, additives (PCB), heat resistance for neon lights, and many other products. One third of these byproducts enter the sea.
          Some of the fluorocarbons go into the sky and are broken by the sun’s radiation. The unattached chlorine reacts with the ozone forming chlorine oxide and leaves regular O2 behind.
          Ozone is a vital filter of the sunlight. It prevents ultraviolet rays from damaging all living things. The ultraviolet rays destroy at the genetic level resulting in mutations in algae and microbes.
          The initial thought was that it is chemically inert. It does not react with other chemicals. The danger is that it has a love affinity for human body fats. There is a build up through the food chains to planktons in the sea to fish and finally to mammals.
          PCB harmfully effects the hormone systems, results in decreased immunity, arrest of sexual development, is implicated in various cancers, and results in damage to the liver, kidney and central nervous system. It interferes with genetic function. Dioxins are strong human carcinogens, especially brain cancers. Eating fish from waters with high levels of PCB also have been implicated in causing anemia, edema, and infectious diseases.
          THE ROLE OF ALGAE in disease is interesting. In 1988 it was found that in the North Sea 60% of the harbor seals died. The cause was a morbillivirus (the virus that causes measles). The seals all had high levels of PCB, organochlorines and impaired immune systems. The question arose as to where this virus came from.It was found that there was an abundant amount of red algae in the sea. Algae are a well-nourished consumer of oxygen in the water, leaving little for other living things. It also produces toxins and was found to harbor exotic viruses (1970 Colwell).
          In 1970 an outbreak of Cholera was found in Asia. That same year an outbreak occurred in Lima Peru. A Chinese freighter carrying cholera emptied its holding water into the sea in Lima. This algae rich water spread the epidemic throughout Lima. (When water is warmed and nitrogen is added, bacteria flourish.)
          Human and animal wastes feed algae with nutrients contributing to interbreeding and multiplication of viruses. The sewage of two billion people flows untreated into the sea. These factors result in new mutations of viruses from the ever-blooming algae. Our food supply contaminated by PCB results in weakening of the human immune system.


          Acupressure on the body points listed for three minutes with heavy-duty paper clip should reduce pain for listed conditions. Magnets on these spots may help reduce chronic pain in areas shown. Pressure on scalp will show painful areas and these should be treated. They connect with the body parts. Press on scalp over painful spots for three minutes with heavy-duty paper slip and pain will be reduced.

          Acupressure on the body points listed for three minutes with heavy-duty paper clip should reduce pain for listed conditions. Magnets on these spots may help reduce chronic pain in areas shown. Pressure on scalp will show painful areas and these should be treated. They connect with the body parts. Press on scalp over painful spots for three minutes with heavy-duty paper slip and pain will be reduced.

          Acupressure on the body points listed for three minutes with heavy-duty paper clip should reduce pain for listed conditions. Magnets on these spots may help reduce chronic pain in areas shown.


          We all are striving to either maintain our health or to get healthy. We eat and exercise properly. When traditional medicine does not work, we seek other alternatives. Magnets can be made, bought or used by anyone for whatever reasons. There are no patents and you can't make medical claims. There is no big money to do research in this field. We can't endorse, embrace, incorporate, or nurture any new idea or therapy that is unfamiliar. You always meet resistance when you try to change or disturb something that is established. We fear the unknown unless we are clinically mature professionals. We discover things that were appreciated long ago. If it works don't knock it. We shall attempt to explain how magnets work, what magnetic energy is, and what we know about it relieves pain.


          Legend has it that in 500 BC a fellow from the city Magnesia in Asia Minor was walking with nails in his sandals and attracted minerals from the soil (magnetite). Around 2000BC Hindu scriptures of the Vedas described the ability to heal disease with instruments of stone (lodestones). The ancient Greeks called them love stones (Lapis Vivus); they contained magnetite oxide and magnetite.
          In ancient Egypt, Cleopatra wore a small magnet on her forehead (the pineal gland was thus stimulated to secrete melatonin. In ancient Rome, eels were used to produce electrical charges to treat arthritis. In Greece, Galen in 200 BC used magnets to purge illness. The Chinese in 100AD had invented some form of compass with magnets.
          Magnets were used to alleviate spasms in 1000AD by a Persian Ali-Abbas. In 1269, Mairocurt discovered the polarity of magnets and differentiated the north and south pole. A Swiss Paracelsus treated gout and jaundice with magnets in 1550. That same year the first map of the world was described by Mercator (Flemish) by using magnetic needles. Ten years later, Pare, the father of modern surgery, used magnets to heal open wounds with powdered magnets and honey. Gilbert, an Englishman in 1600 wrote a book " De Magnate" summarizing all the knowledge
          about magnets and was the first to see electricity and magnetism as separate forces.
          Not much happened till 1730, when Leyden stored electricity in a jar line with two foils inside and outside. These storage devices were later called capacitors. Our own Ben Franklin's kite was used to describe magnetic energy in 1747. In a thunderstorm he flew a kite with a metal tip attached to wet hemp line (which conducted electricity) and held a metal key attached to the line. It was held in the hand by a silk rope that wrapped around the key and resultant sparks flew. Galvani coined the term animal magnetism in 1791 (really an electrical chemical phenomena). Eight years later, the term animal magnetism was replaced by Biomagnetism by a Dutchman, Brigman, after noting the reaction of organisms to the earth's magnetic field. In 1800 Volt made the first battery.
          The nineteenth century produced many advances in magnetism. In 1820, Orsted showed electric current flowing through wire produced its own magnetic field. Five years later Sturgeon developed electromagnets that lifted up to one ton. He used a horseshoe iron bar wrapped in bare electric wire insulated with varnish. The next year Ampere discovered the galvanometer. In 1831 Faraday discovered the first electric motor after 6000 experiments. Maxwell showed light is an electrical phenomena (in 1865) and discovered the law of gravitation. Hertz in 1880 discover short radio electric waves and named them Maxwellian waves. Marconi discovered the first radio transmission in 1896, and two years later Paulson recorded magnetic sound.
          At the same time Curre showed elements take on charges or opposite charges of a magnetic field and each substance has a critical temperature where it loses its ferromagnetic properties. In 1900 Thomson discovered the electron.
          In 1911, Onner who invented an instrument to measure low intensity biomagnetic signals in the heart and body espoused the theory of superconductivity. Ten years later the magnetic properties of atoms were discovered. Campbell in 1935, and Bingenheimer in 1936, showed the effects of magnetic fields on small animals and living organisms. After WWII, with the discovery of cortisone, magnetic treatment was pushed to
          quackery. Pauling in 1954 showed the magnetic properties of hemoglobin, which is important in cell metabolism.
          1962 was the birth of biomagnetism with the first magnetic cardiogram by Baule along with McFee. This led to the MRI, and other medical magnetic resonance instruments, as we know today.


          Magnets are anything that attracts iron.
          Ceramic and graphite synthetic magnets are used commonly. They are difficult to demagnetize and are stable to tiny charges. They weigh 605 less than the metallic and are cheaper to make. They are more shock resistant. They are used for speakers, mikes, computers, car radios, tape recorders, doorbells and magnetic games.
          Artificial magnets are a mixture of aluminum, nickel, iron and cobalt. This alloy is called ALMICO. Its main component is iron and it is cheap. Neodymium a rare element discovered in 1885 is the most powerful magnet, not readily available and used for cancer treatment.
          Electromagnets are made of iron and are used in scientific laboratories. They cannot produce a desired polarity. They provide a uniform magnetic field when continuous electric current passes through a solenoid. Stop the current and the effect is a magnetic field. They quickly activate and deactivate the magnetic field.


          Millions of minuscule units that have atoms that assemble in groups called domains. When domains align in the same direction, as a magnet the effect is induced residual magnetism.

          Pass a strong purge of DC electricity through an iron bar.

          Bacteria that need iron in their diet convert to magnetite that make the stones magnetic.


          The earth is a giant magnet with two magnetic poles. These poles continuously shift and are close to the geographic poles. They move 15km per year to the geographic North Pole. The earth has a highly conductive solid inner core of iron with a radius of 1280 km wide. This is heavier than the moon. It has a temperature up to 5000degrees centigrade. The outer core is 2000 km thick and is covered by rock in state of fusion. The rock is covered by marble of 2800km thickness and a crust only 40 km thick. The external core is in a state of fusion. This core spins slightly faster than the earth itself. The earth's magnetic field was
          1.0 gauss in 1500AD. Now it is 0.5 gauss. It has decreased 90% over the last 4000 years. The magnetic field decreased 5% each100 years and may disappear within 2000 years. This field continuously affects plants, animals and humans. Many electric currents interact with local magnetic fields. Well water, and streams are naturally charge by the earth's 0.5 gauss magnetic field. This charge is dissipated as it is transmitted through the city water pipes.


          We are deprived of the earth's effects by a blockage from cars, steel, iron, and buildings. Some think we are short of magnetism and this is the cause of various symptoms as high blood pressure and digestive problems. We actually are not spending adequate time in contact with the earth's magnetic field. Seasonal affect disorder is a common illness. Decreased magnetism may be the cause of persistent pain and stiffness that is resistant to treatment. We may get excess magnetism by MRI and x-ray machines. The MRI is up to 15 tesla (150,000-200,000 Gauss). Originally the MRI was called nuclear magnetic
          resonance and this scarred people so the name was changed. Today we surround ourselves with extremely low frequencies (ELF). There is electromagnetic pollution. Power lines, home appliance, electric blankets, computer, cell phones, all expose us to radiation and interfere with our normal biologic functions.


          Magnetism refers to the electrons orbiting around their atoms. The electrons act as minimagnets with north and south poles. It is not confined to iron or even metals. Iron has extra electrons that easily line up anyway you want. (This makes iron easy to magnetize.) All matter is magnetic. Each of us has magnetic energy characteristics. There is some magnetic properties even in salt, copper, glass and plastic. Magnetism is a property of the metal and not of the metal. Some elements Fe, N, Co, O2, line up in a magnetic field as long as the long axis of their molecular structure is parallel to the lines of force.

          WHAT IS CURRENT?

          When electrical charges transmit form one place to another this is called flow of electricity or currents. Any electric charged conduction generates two kinds of invisible fields: electric and magnetic. High energy are short wavelength forms of radiation called "ionizing radiation" (x-rays). Low frequency ELF waves are longer wavelengths. These ELFs are generated by TVs, videos, electric appliances, and cell phones. They involve alternating or pulsed direct current at 60 cycles/sec. These waves do not resonate with our human frequencies of 12 cycles/sec. (Can you see now why the body balance is disrupted?)


          Both are present wherever electricity is present. Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are generated only when the current is flowing through a wire. A plugged light produces an electric field while a plugged light turned on produces an electromagnetic field. Electricity has lines of force and magnetism has induction lines.


          Magnetic poles are in pairs. A positive electric charge is at the south pole of the magnet and the negative charge is the North Pole. The North Pole is negative, alkaline, attracts, and reduces (like yin, earth, water, electron). It closes blood vessels, causes muscles to contract, slows the heart, improves concentration, has a sedative effect and slows cell growth (good in infected areas) The South Pole is positive, acid, excites, and activates, and repels (like yang, fire, proton). The South Pole improves circulation while the North Pole offers pain relief and fights infections. The South Pole increases energy, raises red blood cells, opens blood vessels, and relaxes muscle. It must not be used in the presence of infection (because bacteria grow in acid media).


          Tie a thread around the middle of the magnet and it will spin and stop with the end facing you being the North Pole. You can also use a compass by turning the compass so the needle points to the north. Bring one edge of the magnet up on the compass needle. If the needle does not move it is the North Pole. If it spins 180 degrees the side facing the compass is the South Pole. The Chinese found when a mineral was tied to a piece of wood and floated in the water it always turned in the same direction. This led to the invention of a compass. The earth's magnetism is the force that acts on the compass needle.


          1. A MAGNETIC FIELD A magnet or electric wire both have current passing through and are surrounded by a field that attracts objects. It has induction lines parallel to the magnet. It goes in one end and comes out another (no beginning nor end). It passes through water, paper, and clothes. Magnets over 2000 gauss can be felt through a hand.

            4. MAGNETIC STRENTH The number of lines per surface determines the magnet's strength. Magnets in the hardware store are sold in pounds not gauss. A 5 cm magnet has 25 lb strength (can lift 25 lbs of nails). Twenty-five lbs is equivalent to 2000 gauss; a 5 lb strength is equivalent to 1000 gauss. Gauss

            (G) or Tesla are units of measure: 10,000G=1 Tesla.

              The shapes of magnets impact on their strength. Hardware stores sell flat, round magnets with holes. Magnets also are also rectangular, cylindrical, horseshoe, star shaped, curved, or taped (both polarities on same side).
              Acumagnets exert a powerful influence at an acupuncture point but because of their small mass, have minimal effect on non-acupuncture points. Compare for example the effect on localized back pain of a 5"x4" body magnet with a manufacturer's rating of 3950 G to a 1/8 inch magnet of the same Gauss strength used on the low back. Unless the acumagnet were placed precisely on an indicated acupuncture point or trigger point it would have an obvious effect.
              1. Long magnets

                2. Heated magnets


                  Energy flows form one pole to the other and induction lines come out of one pole and goes into another pole in a curved movement. The induction lines form a swirl, moving clockwise from the South Pole and counter clockwise from the North Pole.
                  At the exact center, the magnetic field is neutral. This is called the Bloch wall. Permanent magnets are delicate and break easily. They must be kept away from the hot sun and extreme cold. They can lose their magnetic power permanently if are exposed to temperatures above 350 degrees. Magnets can erase cassettes, credit cards. They can create health problems with pacemakers, fibrillations and pregnancy. They should be removed if nausea, yawning or tingling occurs. By connecting the two poles with a small piece of steel, iron , or tin, you create a closed circuit and strengthen the magnet.


                  1.You must know which pole is used. The North Pole disperses and soothes while the South Pole energizes and stimulates.
                  2.The length of time you leave the magnet is important. A strong magnet should be used for a few minutes, while a weak one may by be used for several hours. 500 Gauss magnets can be left on non-extraordinary meridian points for one week. A mattress pad of 3950 G (manufacturer's rating) showed no adverse effects over 16 weeks in fibromyalgia patients.
                  3. The strength of the magnet is important. Low intensity strengthens, while a strong magnet obstructs (500-2000 gauss). A very strong magnet over 2000 gauss destroys.
                  4.The number of magnets depends on the size of area needing treatment. A small area needs one magnet while a large area may need several magnets. The dosage delivered to the target tissue is difficult to measure but is a function of distance. A magnet with a field strength measuring 1000Gauss at the surface has strength of 500 Gauss at 1 cm and 400 Gauss at 2 cm. An optimal physiological response occurs when around 450 G is delivered to the target tissue.
                  5.The source of the magnet is important. A permanent magnet (fixed magnetic field) with separated poles can't have the intensity regulated. Electromagnets (variable magnetic field) have an electrical field as well as a magnetic field, the poles can't be separated, but the intensity can be regulated.
                  6.Magnets have an effect on bacteria and plants. Bacteria are sensitive to magnetism (they have magnetite grains in them). Plants exposed to the south pole of magnets get deeper roots, ripen faster and are hardier.
                  7.Hormones in the body have magnetic particles. The brain itself has the same magnetic particles scattered in the brain covering (meninges). The total weight is one millionth of an ounce. MRI and strong magnets may excessively stimulate these areas. Magnetic treatment may increase the release of toxins, increase mineral solubility (dissolve kidney stones), and decrease lethargy.


                  All things resonate at different frequencies. Different organs in the body also oscillate at different frequencies. By varying electrical inputs, magnetic fields can oscillate at different cycles per second. All body tissues also oscillate at different frequencies. These frequencies are altered by disease.
                  There are 10-12 pints of blood in the body and 45% of it is red blood cells while the other 55% is fluid. The red blood cells contain iron (4 atoms of iron/10,000). This makes the red blood cell slightly magnetic.
                  When you magnetize the blood, you get increase oxygen uptake to the cells and hence more energy. The cell membrane is a protective shield for the cell. It is an amplifier that resonates. It has an effect on enzymes. An ionic pump governs the flow of ions in and out of the cells. Mitochondria energize the cell by making ATP. Calcium, potassium and sodium are key to these interactions.
                  Cholesterol, blood pressure, and white blood cell counts drop. There is an increase in cortisone, red blood cells and clotting. Since the body is 70% water and 50% blood, there is a diuretic effect with magnets. Sulfate particles are dissolved and there is an increase in the immune system.
                  Magnets increase the blood flow in tiny capillaries by 300% in 5 minutes. They relax muscles and connective tissues. Lactic acid
                  and toxins are flushed away. Oxygen and nutrients are sent to cells. There is increase fluid exchange. An invisible motion of ions ad entering and leaving cells. Each cell is energized by an increase production of ATP. Positive charged ions (Na, Ca, D, MG, all compete to hookup with negative charged chlorine and phosphates. The injured areas are alkalinized and acidic conditions are neutralized. All of the above reactions occur also with acupuncture only to a greater degree. Acupuncture is like a shovel with magnets like a teaspoon.
                  Some people magnetize their water by placing a 1000gauss magnet on wood and then place a glass cup over it. Fill with water and drink the water daily. Magnetism lasts 3 days. These results in increase H ion activity and decrease in free nitrogen. There are fewer deposits in the water, with the calcium remaining in suspension. There is a decontaminating effect with bacteria made inactive. The same magnetizing can be done with oil but takes 15 days to magnetize because of its increased viscosity. One can use this on painful joints, insomnia, weakness, or on the scalp for balding.


                  There is an anesthetic effect on pain. When stimulated with an external charge the cell membrane opens and ions go inside the cell. The positive charge is pulled away and pain decreases. This is also true for joints and muscles. Acupuncture has a similar but more powerful effect.

                  DOES THE BODY HAVE POLARITY?

                  Yes indeed. The upper body, right side, and front of the body have a positive charge (yang). Treatment should be with the South Pole in these areas. The lower body, back, and left side have a negative charge (yin) and treatment should be with the North Pole to these areas. The areas of highest voltage are at the navel, base of the skull, and the sacrum. See " charkas" for reasons for this. These physical and subtle energies result in blockage of the biological rhythms and an imbalance of the yin and yang. Acupuncture can correct these blockages. The body
                  follows the direction of rotation of the earth. When sleeping, the head should face the north and the feet should face the south.


                  By using magnets your are exercising your constitutional right to do whatever you determine to be appropriate for your well being. No claims are made to cure or heal and none to diagnose health conditions. Magnets are not prescribed for your health and are not used to treat for any health related conditions. Persons with pace makers or are pregnant, should not use magnets.
                  5 million people have low back pain. 40 million Americans have headaches with • of Americans having at least one headache a month. 65 million Americans have arthritis and everyone over 60 has arthritis. Arthritis results from over 100 different disorders including rh fever, TBC, Lyme disease, Reiter's syndrome, and viral and bacterial disorders. At present much of it is treated with aspirin, which blocks other medications, and can cause tinnitis, allergic reactions and stomach ulcers. The use of NAIDS, when mixed with other medications, account for 10% of kidney disorders with some leading to kidney necrosis. Cortisone use can result in infections, bone demineralization, stomach ulcers and mental imbalances. Magnetic therapy might decrease the need for the above drugs.

                  HOW ARE MAGNETS USED?

                  Many sport athletes and golfers have used magnets. Jim Colbert and ChiChi Rodriguez claim their magnetic bracelets have improved their game. Magnets are made as shoe insoles, body wraps, necklaces, bracelets, seat cushions, mattress pads and individual disc magnets for localized pain. Many doctor now are using magnets in conjunction with pain and acupuncture therapy. Billions of dollars are spent annually on magnets.


                  Magnets are not to replace medications. They are an adjunct to reduce the need for medication. The FDA will not allow the claim that magnets are effective for pain relief. All claims as of 1976 must pass expensive testing procedures.
                  Ask yourself what problem you want to correct. How long have you had this problem? If you choose to use magnets, ask yourself: why you are using magnets? How long you have used them?, where did you place them?, what pole was touching the skin?, how long did you leave them in?, and, what improvements did you see?
                  Pain is a warning signal to be respected. Seek professional help if you are not getting better.

                  HMEDICINE BECAME SCIENTIFIC around the Civil War. Physicians see the body as a clock that works in a particular way. Anything that effects body functions, including prayer, belongs to the watchmaker, the doctor. Yet some people often take total personal control and abandon medical treatments. They deny what is happening and wonder how they then can be

                  responsible for what is happening in their lives. We bring apprehension into our total awareness, not trusting the unconscious. Let go! Let the unknown come to your aid. Trust and make friends with your unconscious.
                  You don't create the world. You are the world, 100%. When you stop trying to make things happen, you can connect with your higher power. It's hard to be passive and inactive. But great ideas come in silence and stillness.
                  If you were to say: "Illness, I look at you as my best teacher. I love you and respect you. You are safe with me. I can live with you in me for a long time. I want what is best for me, even if its death."
                  To surrender is a powerful tool. By giving up you refuse to act. Don't fight all your bad thoughts. You will not be pushed around or controlled by these thoughts. Our society needs noise. Yet talking and listening block our deeper connection with our Higher Power.
                  What is the most powerful drug that can defeat your illness? LOVE. Loving others is good for everyone's health. If you are connected with others by love, you develop an emotional bond with them. Love and caring results in healing. Anything can happen in the course of a disease. As long as your fate is unknown you have a chance. Unobserved events can alter the course of any illness.
                  Today's five-minute office visit with everything tested can make you think you are sick. Your cholesterol is borderline, your blood pressure is up 5 points, your prostate seems enlarged, you are overweight, your breast has some thickness in one area, you have early signs of a cataract, and osteoporosis is beginning to appear.
                  "Oh dear! I just came in for my annual physical, was feeling fine, and I now thing I am sick." Because of legal reasons the doctor will often prescribe medicine. The doctor has several drugs that can prevent all these things from becoming problems. Some of them now make you sick from their side effects. Folks, people in other countries without disease prevention live longer.
                  Your doctor's attitude has a great role in your healing. He can talk up a medicine and he himself believes it will work and cure you. No matter what the drug is, 40% of the time you will get well (the placebo effect). No treatment is free of side effects. Ask of any treatment its downside, side effects, and harmful possibilities.
                  If some drug appeals to you, you will make sense out of it. It's easy for the doctor to deny some of your symptoms because if they are valid they challenge him and this takes time, and your visit is only for five minutes. Doctors have an emotional need to believe they are right and make you, the patient believe it. Today the pressures on the doctor make them remote, aloof, non-involved, and emotionally detached.
                  Ask yourself, "Does my doctor make me feel better or worse when I am around him? Do you cancel appointments because you felt worse after you visit your doctor?"
                  But what can you do? A wise doctor uses what works, drugs, prayer, herbs, and sound advice. Never accept a treatment that you don't believe in. Don't be pessimistic. If you believe prayer works, use it. If you believe drugs work, use them. If you believe some herb will help try it. If you feel acupuncture might help, go for it. Above all find a flexible and tolerant doctor that honors your point of view.
                  Since 1600 the medical profession has had a destiny to conquer and rule nature. What we investigate we give respect and reverence. If acupuncture were only a placebo effect, what would it matter? The cure is no less real or less appreciated by the patient. Can we accept what we cannot understand?
                  Many scientific studies involve too few patients. There is no assessment of one group being sicker than another. Did they have really the same illness? Did they have the same criteria for improvement and did the treatments vary. Did the group vary as to age and sex?
                  Modern medical science was invented and did not come down from heaven. There is now a near total reliance on drugs, surgery, and radiation. Western modern medicine cannot believe
                  that non-material forms of healing exist. There is a great resistance to change. The doctor's views of the world are believed by him to be true.
                  After all doctors were taught what to believe in medical school and the inner circle of experts at Harvard have set the program. Healing is rejected without attention to evidence. There is conflict with what is perceived and what is believed. They fear getting lost in mysticism and equate anything unknown to emptiness, annihilation, and even death. They also fear the powers of others, thinking strange and different people possess it. No average person could have such gifts of healing. Since alternative methods of healing cannot be reproduced predictably it cannot work. Its raining now and the weatherman did not predict it. Does it mean its not raining?
                  Careers, research grants, professorships and health products are at stake. The health industry takes 15% of our national income. It's big business. Medical scientists wage their careers on particular narrow approaches. They get from the National Institute of Health (NIH) large amounts of research money to test their theories. They are committed to one approach and cannot see the "YOU FAILED" sign on the wall. (Our approach to cancer with irradiation and chemotherapy has not changed in 50 years and has been a failure.)
                  Instead of groups acting as checks on each other, the drug companies, researchers, NIH, and AMA all play the same song. Equally biased information frequently misleads all the good conscientious physicians you see day to day. Energy and money are spent with little effect. They target only relief of symptoms with drugs. There is no attempt to seek solutions to prevent illness.

                  LIFE EXPECTANCY

                  Over the last 40 years life expectancy has improved. Living today is very safe. A 45-year-old woman will live to be 88 and man to 82. In 1987 the average was 74. If you smoke one pack daily, your mortality doubles. If you are 35 and a smoker you will die 7 years earlier. If you are 70 and smoking you will die 3 years earlier. Half of smokers age 25 will not make 70 while only 15%
                  of non smokers will not make 70. Women today are tougher and more resilient than men and live 7 years longer than men.People around the world on different diets all live to be 75-77 years old today. The Japanese eat low saturated fat diets and have had modern medicine for only 45 years. The Swill eat a high amount of animal fat and have 1/2 the strokes and 1/5 of the cancers of the stomach that we do. The Greeks live on olive oil and have had modern medicine only for the last 10 years. Despite all the differences they all die at 75-77 years.
                  Our hospitals have power over our length of life. Bugs love them and multiply in them. The bacteria have learned to adept and flourish. Unrelated patients are packed together and stay only a short time. We develop isolation lists and put people with spreadable diseases in them. Yet within 2 hours of the presence of disease the hospital air space exposes all the other patients.
                  Well how can I live longer? Those who adjust to the pressures and demands of life live the longest. There is higher longevity in being married (50% of Americans are divorced), being a college graduate, white-collar worker and being religious.
                  The break up of marriage by death or divorce is the most stressful event in life. Women do better than men. Vegetarians have fewer coronaries heart disease but more strokes and stomach cancers. Longevity studies show mice live longer by cutting their calories down by 30%. How many 80-year-olds do you know that are obese?
                  Is there a master clock that governs the four stages of our lives: gestation, development, maturity, and decline. Can it be reset? Common factors in diseases must be identified. What is the similarity in cancer, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, kidney disease and osteoporosis?
                  If we eliminated all cancers, our life expectancy would only rise by 2 years. Yet we spend two billion dollars annually on cancer and heart disease and only 100 million dollars on aging. We must have a basic understanding of the aging process. We treat symptoms of diseases that exist and do not basic biologic research. Thank you drug companies!

                  Who has the solutions to all your problems? YOU! You can’t avoid growing old, but you must avoid becoming