Language is organized in the dominant hemisphere and is on top of the cortex and up front to the forehead. The angle of the temporal and frontal lobes is the language area.

The front part is named Brocca's area (cant translate words into speech); the posterior area is Wernicke's area (can”t understand words).


may be completely unconscious but can still be stored in memory. Serotonin must be present to learn. When we sleep no seratonin is released and we can perceive, but do not remember. No seratonin, no memory.

Attention is needed for conscious thought. Once we analyze a problem, we can act more deliberately and program and time our actions.

The prefrontal area of the cortex processes thoughts that are pressed into action. To know the world we must first have the primary functions that lower animals have: sensations, instinct, learning and reflexes.

Without these we cannot have advanced functions as perception, emotion, memory, and reflection.