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Erectile dysfunction may be cured by the shock wave therapy to your penis.

Shocking your penis restores erectile function

It looks like erectile dysfunction may be cured by the shock wave therapy to your penis. The procedure uses 10% of the intensity of waves for renal stones. This follows its use to increase vascularization in coronary artery disease. Since the erectile dysfunction is also due 80% of the time to vascular problems the procedure offers promise.

12 out of the 15 patients treated with electrical and penile stimulation for three minutes daily, no longer needed to use of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, which only provide functional improvement by inhibiting phosphodiesterase type 5.

Do you have male menopause?
If you have lost your morning erections, no longer have sexual thoughts, and have erectile dysfunction, along with a abnormal testosterone level, you have male menopause.

Along with the sexual symptoms, you may be unable to work out vigorously, have trouble running or lifting heavy weights, can’t bend Mueller stooped down, and can’t walk more than one kilometer. This is associated with sadness, loss of energy, and fatigue.

Low levels of testosterone affects one in 250 men between the ages of 25 and 35. Much of it is due to increased steroid use, which is common in athletes to enhance their performance.

Taking testosterone appears to be of little help since the classic hypogonadism patients did not have decreased testosterone in older men. New England Journal of Medicine 6.16.2010.
Men are having trouble handling romantic breakdowns

Your transition to becoming an adult has been delayed until your late 20s. This newly prolonged stage of life which starts after high school is prolonged because of the extended education you need for today’s job market and your delay in marriage and childbearing.

This transition has resulted in elevated psychological distress as a result of romantic relationships. We all thought that men should not feel sad when an emotional romantic relationship has broken up. Hence most men develop substance abuse problems and antisocial behavior.

We used to think that young women became more emotionally involved in a romantic partner, Resulting in depression and anxiety. It looks like most men cannot be impervious as their romantic relationships common goal.

Infertile? Watch out for prostate cancer!
If you are infertile is, you are 2 ½ times more likely to come up with high-grade prostate cancer than men who have been fertile. A low sperm count early in life results in increased higher grade of prostate cancer. One would think that testicular failure would lower your risk of prostate cancer since the disease is considered to be deepened and on testosterone. Researchers suggest that gene defects on the Y Chromosome or faulty DNA repair may be factors in this risk. If you are black, your risk of prostate cancer is 60% higher than in a white man.

The worst cheaters are men who earn less than their wives

If you make less money than your wife or girlfriend,, you are more likely to cheat on them sexually. A man completely economically dependent on his wife is five times more likely to cheat than men who make as much as their wives.

Beware that that if you make more money than your wife, or girlfriend, she is half as likely to cheat on you. CNN.August.17.2010