This meridian ripens fluids and ingested foods.The pure part leads the stomach and goes to the spleen where it is transformed into nutrients for energy and blood. The pure parts are sent to the small intestine for further separation and digestion. The stomach and spleen handle all the digestion and transportation of food to the organs. The stomach loves dampness, while the spleen loves dryness. The energy of his stomach goes down when the energy of the spleen goes up. Most disorders tend to be excessive in nature. These result in belching, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and the rejection of descending food.

This meridian starts at the base of the nose, encircles the lips, and goes to the bottom of the jaw. Here it divides into an upward branch that goes in front of the ear and ends in the temple. The other branch continues across the neck to the middle of the collarbone and across the anterior abdomen to the inguinal ligament. It then continues to cross the upper thigh, and goes down to the kneecap. It then goes along the outside of the lower leg across the top of the foot and ends at the nail of the second toe.


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