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Your bio energy comes from nature, electricity, magnets, light, earth radiation,and cosmic energy. You have a polarized natural rhythm in all aspects of your life, which the Chinese call: “yin and yang”. The positive and negative charges keep your body in health and harmony. To absorbed sunlight and distribute this energy, polarization is essential. The environment can alter and disturb this normal polarization and disrupt your hormonal and nervous systems.

Acupuncture provides a means of unblocking distorted blocked energy. The sun’s cosmic energy and the Earth’s magnetic fields, penetrate your nervous system and are guided by specific frequency and wavelength and each of your organ systems. Natural light is important to keep the glandular system normal. As the magnetic fields of the earth, sun and moon, change, our weather and crops, and even our human behavior is changed. Background radiation’s help to explain why swallows fly to Capistrano annually.

Our primitive ancestors made their clothings and building materials out of natural substances. Their homes were open, made of wood, straw, bricks, and stoneware. All of this was in harmony with nature and penetrated by normal sunlight and cosmic radiation.
As our civilization advance, we made materials that increasingly blocked our interaction with our polarized surroundings. We lost the intimate connection and grounding with the outdoors and earth, and made these building materials out of synthetic and chemical material.

Today’s home now has electrical appliances, lighting, wireless Internet, TV, cable television, electronic installations, and security systems. All this polarizes our nervous system and disrupts our hormones, Resulting in sexual dysfunction and physiologic problems. Your body is constantly exposed to all these kinds of radiation from the atmosphere both inside and outdoors. You are healthier if you can screen out and block out these artificial building materials and technical installations. Untreated wood, natural fibers, bricks, and special glasses all all all the natural radiation to pass undisturbed through your body.

Electronic forces blocked signals creating a deficiency in all the bodies necessary frequencies. Hormones are interfered by the artificial electromagnetism from man-made materials and all our electronic iPods, blackberries and computers. Microwaves, and other wireless radio omissions create unnecessary frequency to which our nervous system has trouble adapting. This excess stimulation and exposure is so strong, it overpowers your body’s subtle electrical energy. This results in abnormal polarization of your body causing you stress, tension, and ultimately disease.These artificial building materials cause frequencies that are often doubled or tripled, or are blocked out.
They use of untreated wood, brick, natural file and special glass that allows the natural radiation to pass it undisturbed in our bodies is essential.

The electronic and electric installations block signals creating a deficiency in our necessary frequencies. Outdoors, microwaves, and other wireless radio emissions cause unnecessary frequencies to which our nervous system can’t adapt. This excess stimulation is an electromagnetic exposure so strong it overpowers your subtle electrical energy. This results in an abnormal polarization of your body reducing normal pulsations and cause you stress tension and ultimately disease.


Color is a form of energy that influences our minds our bodies and our emotions. We respond to it physiologically and psychologically. In the past purpose of life was to provide adequate illumination. Today to make us happy, it must also provide a pleasant visual environment. We are all affected by our artificial surroundings. We can feel happy, angry, or sexy the pending on how our brain is stimulated.


Color is very therapeutic but requires constant changing. We want all our senses to be stimulated moderately at all times and always need some variety, unity and balance.
Read this stimulating and green is combing. Patients with parkinsonism improve with green and get worse with red. Brain waves show greater arousal when exposed to red light than blue light. Green light arouses more than blue and yellow. Longwave lengths like red are more arousing than short wavelength light like purple.

Patients overstimulated with light find their breathing, pulse and blood sugars go up and muscle tension occurs. Complex visual patterns increases their arousal. Such overstimulation is fatiguing and distracting. Introverts have a more excitable nervous system than extroverts and need privacy and a low degree of stimulation. When intensely stimulated by a warm colors they become anxious. Extroverts love girly warm colorful environments and allows them to become calm and concentrate better. If their environment is dull, they develop stress and anxiety and fear.

is the most dominant color and overrules all other colors in grabbing attention. Red objects create an illusion that they are closer than they really are. Symbolically a red means fire, life, and strength. It is a masculine color associated with war and rebellion. When the color is neutralized with white, it becomes gentle and pleasing and feminine. Yellow radiates warmth and cheerfulness. Symbolically it signifies communication and sunlight. In poorly lit rooms, it can be very stimulating on the ceilings. Our round the walls that can be either irritating or exciting and appears brighter than white. Green is the most restful color and represents the power of nature. It represents withdrawal from stimulus. The color is excellent in rooms requiring high concentration and meditation. Green walls Make the room calm, and cool. Even blue-green floors are soft and relaxing. Blue is the opposite of red, is transparent, wet, cool, and relaxing. It lowers blood pressure’s on pulses. When applied to large areas, who walls look cold and distant. Pale blue also causes a haze over objects and prevents details. Purple is a mixture of red and blue, is subduing and disconnecting. It can either look rich or unsettling. Light colors make rooms look darker and ceilings higher. They reflect more light and heat. Warm colors also make things look larger.
Dark colors make rooms look smaller heavier, and ceilings lower. They absorb more light. Cool colors make things look smaller.

White is neither red yellow green or blue. Gray and black colors are perceived colorless. In the past, white was used as a neutral color along with grey. In our high-tech world, it makes things look clean efficient and futuristic. The walls if white, appearing neutral empty, lifeless, emotional and boring. In the past it was felt the weight walls to be covered with highly colorful decorative paintings. This however caused I to teach and gave the weight walls a rather common look.

Nursing homes now know that their inmates need some sensory stimulation since they are confined indoors most of the day. They found that monotony resulted in anxiety fear and tension. They’re white and gray walls appeared boring and tedious, and in the presence of artificial light, the patient’s pupils became constricted.

Color contrasts
: When different colors have the same value in saturation they can make the room look bigger. Furniture becomes more prominent when there is a contrast between the walls and the upholstery, Also emphasizing the contour of the furniture. Rooms look spacious when similar colors are carried from room to room.
Your eyes require a given color to be balanced by its complementary color, to provide a balance of warmth and coolness. People seek balance unconsciously between warm and cool views. Complementary colors offer harmonious designs that are stimulating and pleasing. Grey looks darker against a light background, but looks darker against a dark background.

Color harmony: Harmonics require that at most, only three colors could be next to each other. This is solved by using a variety of colors as red, yellow red, and yellow together. Complementary colors are directly opposite each other on a color wheel. They produce harmony and balance. Colors create tension and asymmetry when two or more colors from one side of the color wheel don’t share a hue.
Sources: Acupuncture Institute of Michigan, Sarnacki art studios