Someone Cares

Now as a teenager, somehow you start struggling with deep deep questions like: “who really am I ? Why am I here? What do I really find important? What the hell scares me?”.

“Yet society keeps bombarding me with what my image should be, and what pop concerts I should go to. “ You ask yourself “why do I really matter. I'm just a kid. Yet, all I want to do is to talk and know that someone is really listening to me.” Well there is someone who cares about you, is always listening, and will always help you.

As a teenager I'm sure you also have many awkward moments when you did not know what to say. With your hormones pouring in, you keep looking to connect with others, and sometimes with your inner self.

Certainly you are busy, stressed out, over-scheduled, and society wants you to constantly achieve. While in high school, you perhaps found you didn't have any place to be, barely went to school at all, and yet you somehow got passing grades.

Society puts a lot of pressure on you to get good grades, get involved in sports and extracurricular activities. Your parents bug you about your report card, your diet, but rarely help you find time to drop out from your packed schedule And go somewhere where you could think about who you really are, and what is really important. Could you really as an adult become the person you really are?
Who can you really identify with and talk to about all the questions in your head that need answers.? Could it be your parents? No, they are very very busy.

You often need a place to get away so you can step outside yourself, outside your problems, your schedules and yes, your responsibilities. It would be nice to hook up and connect with someone who can listen to your struggles, answer your questions, and especially someone who will listen to you. Perhaps that someone is inside you, that someone that many people call “God”.

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