This meridian supports all the body organs. This point in acupuncture is considered the principal organ of digestion. It changes food into nourishment and transports nourishment and fluid through the entire body. After digestion, the stomach and small intestine send the pure solid and liquid products to the spleen where they are then processed and vaporized.

The spleen sends the products to the lung to circulate to the organs and channels. It moves nutrients upward and works best in a dry environment. It is responsible for firm warm limbs and gives support to organs and suspends them in the body. It opens into the mouth and the lips. It governs taste, mucous membrane and moisture: it is the home of thought, influencing learning and concentration.

When you are fatigued, you lose taste and appetite, and can’t utilize food. There is often bloating, pain and diarrhea. When this meridian is inefficient, the liquids and solids can’t be fully transformed into nutrients and energy, and accumulate as edema.

This meridian starts at the angle of the big toe goes along the inside of the foot and tibial side of the leg. It continues along the inside of the thigh, goes to the inguinal ligament, and travels along the abdomen along its edges. It eventually reaches the nipple line and the second rib space. It ends in the armpit between the rib and the axilla.


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