Organ representation was recognized at different parts ot the body for over 2000 years. Tongue diagnosis was one of the first and we have adapted the locations from the work of Dr. Y. Omura. The Yellow emperor left a text in 2650 BC mentioning 4 techniques: tongue, pulse diagnosis, acupuncture and massage. 400 BC Hippocrates taught the effectiveness of massage.

In 1027Ad a bronze statue by Dr Wei was made, showing a model of a man with 354 acupuncture needles in him representing the acupuncture points. He also describe deep pressure treatment on the sides of both feet and big toes.

In 1582 Zone therapy was described by Drs. Adams and Bell in Leipzig Germany. This was the beginning of reflexology.
In 1642 LiNienWo wrote a book on organ representation on the face. Visual images were described representing various organs on the face pupils, and iris of the eyes. In 1670 Dr Meyers in Dresden Germany described iridology. In 1713 Dr Miyawaki wrote a book on the importance of treatment of the feet and hands with three techniques: flicking of the tips of the finger to relax spastic muscles; rotating joints, and extending and vending the joints; and finish the therapy by massaging and rubbing the muscles. Five different treatments were described: acupuncture, moxibustion, medication, massage, and prayer.

In 1820 the Cherokees in North Carolina used pressure therapy on the feet. In London in 1898 Sir Henry described zones on the skin that were hypersensitive when certain organs were diseased. In 1902 Dr Cornelius wrote a book called Druckpunkte on the value of pressure points. In 1917 Bowers and Fitzgerald wrote a book about zone therapy (foot reflexology).

In 1950 Dr Nogier in Lyons France discovered that the ear contained a representation of every part of the body. In 1975 Dr Tae-Woo-Yoo of South Korea discovered the same true for the hand. In 1994 Dr. Y. Omura of New York City mapped out on the palm of the hand and the sole of the foot representative connections with different organs in the body. He also clarified the acupuncture points on the tongue for diagnosis using the bidigital O-ring test that he discovered.We have placed representative images of these various modalities to encourage you the reader to see for yourself the results of massaging these point or using deep pressure on points that you might find correspond to problems you are having.

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