This meridian controls the movement of energy throughout the body. It travels upwards and outwards in all directions, and regulates the functions in all parts of the body. It stores blood and regulates the amount of blood and body fluids in the circulation, by storing and releasing blood during activity, rest, and menstruation.

I The stomach loves dampness, while the spleen loves dryness. The energy of his stomach goes down when the energy of the spleen goes up. Most disorders tend to be excessive in nature. These result in belching, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and the rejection of descending food.

This meridian starts on the inside of the big toe, goes across the top of the foot, and then along the back part of the tibia to the knee. It then continues along the inside of the upper thigh to the inguinal ligament. Here it crosses the abdomen laterally to the middle of the 11th rib and lands in the sixth ribs space along the middle of the collarbone. It then continues to the front part of the armpit where it meets the heart meridian



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