This meridian tonifies the kidney, bone marrow, and brain. This meridian is also called Du Mo. It controls all the yang energy. This channel strengthen the spine, tonifies the kidney, bone marrow, and brain. It organizes all the energy in the yang meridians. When overactive, a stiff and painful neck or lower back occurs along with muscle spasms. The pain is made worse with movement and is better at rest. When there is a deep pain, the head feels heavy, vertigo occurs, and urinary retention and hemorrhoids occur. This meridian is activated usually along with other meridians.

This meridian has 28 points along the middle of the back.
It starts at the perineum, goes around the external genitalia,
through the kidney organs, along the spinal column to the base of the skull and finally enters into the brain. It then continues
to the forehead and ends at the nose.


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