We have 18 billion brain cells that ask us for direction. We only have to tell them where we want to go and what we want to accomplish. The trouble is most of us are not very clear about our desires.

Our mind has two parts: the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious makes all the decisions about the what, and the subconscious figures out how.

You get out of life what you expect to get. If you expect a lot, you get a lot. If your conscious doesn’t put any what into it, the subconscious never has to worry about figuring out how.

Your mind can go anywhere it wants. It can figure where you are and the subconscious takes care of the rest. The only question is: “What do you want?

We can short-circuit all the excuses thrown up by our fears. The only thing that matters are how we tell the consscious what we want to do.

We can have anything we want, if we dare direct our conscious mind to reach for it. The subconscious will figure how to get there.

Goals are like magnets. They pull us toward them. They are a commitment to do and they set the subconscious mind to work.

The subconscious can play tricks on us if we have hidden fears and excuses. It can make us forget our goals.

So as soon as we set a goal we must write it down. This affirms that we took action and makes that action permanent. This is a concrete step. It tells the subconscious we are not fooling around and will reach our goal. When the goal is in black and white written, it is hard to forget
Write down as many goals as you can. Hundreds are not too many. It takes different goals different periods to hatch. Some are accomplished quickly, some take years. We need a lot of goals so some of them are always bearing fruit.

When we reach a goal it loses its importance for us. Some goals are meaningless when they are reached. Our subconscious is always kept busy if we have many goals.

Since you can have everything you really want, why settle for less. Too much of a good thing is wonderful.

Don’t tell the world your goals for they will shoot holes in them. You might share your dreams with one other person who will totally support you.

As your track record of success and accomplishments grow, tell other about them and they will help you realize your other dreams. They will start calling you special and outstanding. Just don’t at the beginning invite discouragement by blabbing what you are set to do.

When you achieve a goal, write Winner and cross it off as a shopping list. Your excitement will have some valleys. Look at your victories then to reinforce you to new successes.

Goals are great but must be directed to give them meaning. Our purpose gives us this meaning: Life is not what we were, but what we aim to be.

What is your purpose? Find the secret compartment in your brain and ask: If a knew my secret purpose, what would it be? Why, What, and How. The why is your purpose, and the how is the action you take to get the results you wanted. If you have the purpose, you can’t be negative.

Ask for anything you want and you will receive it. You are in a time machine. Ask the question and wait for your mind to make it happen.