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A lot of chemical additives to our foods increase our cancer risks.

ACESULFAME - Found in artificial sweeteners, chewing gum, diet drinks, frozen desserts, baked goods without sugar. Study in 1970 found it might cause cancer.

NUTRASWEET - Found in most diet foods and drinks and equal.

BROMINATED VEGETABLE OIL - Gives cloudy appearance to citrus flavored soft drinks

BUTULATED HYDROXYANISOLE - Retards rancidity in foods containing oils. Animal studies increase cancer risks.

HEPYTL PARABAN - Preservative in bean and soft drinks. Rarely used now.

OLESTRA - A fat substitute that reduces absorption of fat-soluble carotenoid from fruits and vegetables. It also blocks lycopene, lutein and beta-carotene that reduce cancer risks.

POTASSIUM BROMATE - Found in some breads. Banned in England in 1989. Most breaks down but tiny amounts have caused cancer in animals.

PROPYL GABLATE - An antioxidant preservative. Found in chicken soup base, gum, vegetable oil, meat and potato sticks. Used with BHA and BHT to prevent oil from spoiling. Might cause cancer.

SACCHARIN - Found in Sweet and Low and no sugar added foods. 350 times sweeter than sugar. Can cause bladder and ovarian cancers. Increase potency of other cancer causing chemicals.

SODIUM NITRATE, SODIUM NITRITE - A coloring flavoring preservative. Found in bacon, corn beef, hot dogs, ham, lunchmeats, and smoked foods. The nitrite stabilizes the red color in cured meats and adds flavor. Prevents hot dogs and bacon from looking gray and prevents bacterial growth. Creates nitrosamines especially fried bacon that is carcinogenic. Ascorbic acid and erythorbic acid I now added to prevent nitrosamine formation.