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The following meridians on the face serve various functions when activated by acupressure with Facial Reflexology.

The heart
is at the tip of the nose, and at the side of the upper and lower lips.

The bladder
(Bl 10) is at the midline of the forehead and (Bl ) inside the upper lid. It is closely linked to the kidney organ anatomically and functionally. Weakness results in back spasms.

Hormone points are in front of the ear and the side of the cheek. They help moderate emotions and sex hormone release.

The Gall bladder (GB 1) on the lateral margin of the eye
And (GB 4) at the upper eyebrow. The gallbladder secretes bile to help digestion, absorption, and assimilation of food. It works in harmony with the liver. Any liver disharmony affects the gallbladder.
The gallbladder is responsible for making judgments and decisions, and encouragement to act. Along with the liver it govern the emotions of anger and irritability.
The gallbladder nourishes the muscles and tendons and allows them to move.

The liver makes the bile and the gallbladder stores it. This meridian controls the movement of energy throughout the body. The liver is responsible for proper planning.
and is associated with, good nails, and flexibility of muscles and joints. When deficient dried eyes and weak vision and stiff muscles and joints and muscle spasms.

Colon (Li 19) This meridian receives the impure portions of food and liquid from the stomach and small intestine. It absorbs water from them and eliminates the rest as feces.
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Kidney (KI 27) As one ages, kidney energy weakens. It rules the bones and the bone marrow, which in turn produce blood. Since the brain is considered the sea of marrow, the kidney controls the physical movements directed by the brain. Teeth, being surplus bone, is controlled by the kidney. It energizes hearing, and controls balding and graying. ends at the collarbone KI 27

Conception vessel (CV 34)
is just below the lip. (also called the Ren Mo meridian). It controls the uterus and the embryo by maintaining the three Yin channels of the leg. It is nourished by energy from the kidney. When this meridian is weakened, it disturbs the liver and kidney. This results in sharp pains to the genitalia or navel, and radiates to the chest.

The small intestine, (SI 19) is at jaw line and (SI 16) is just above the lateral lip line. It filters and absorbs liquids and solids that are sent from the stomach. It helps filter information and sort out facts to make decisions.
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Spleen meridian, is at the base of the chin, opening into the mouth and the lips. and acts as the pancreas endocrine wise. This point is the principal organ of digestion, transporting nourishment and fluid through the entire body, and sends its products to the lung to circulate to the organs and channels. It is responsible for firm warm limbs and gives support to organs and suspends them in the body. It governs taste, mucous membrane and moisture and is the home of thought, learning and concentration. If impaired, fibrocystic breasts and uterine fibroids develop.

Stomach meridian (St 1) is just under the eye. and (St 4) is lateral and above the lip edge). This meridian ripens fluids and food that are ingested. The pure part leads the stomach and goes to the spleen where it is transformed into nutrients for energy and blood. The stomach loves dampness, while the spleen loves dryness. The energy of the stomach goes down when the energy of the spleen goes up. Most disorders tend to be excessive resulting in belching, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and the rejection of descending food.