Exercise for endurance, not speed. Exercise expands the muscle blood system and helps to prevent High Blood Pressure.
By opening the muscle capillaries, the resistance in the arteries is lowered. As muscle mass is increased there is a positive nitrogen balance in the body and muscle breakdown is prevented. Exercise stimulates the fat burning enzyme lipase and results in energy release from stored fat supplies rather that from ingested sugars and weight loss occurs. Lipase is stimulated by adrenalin. Muscle holds more water in reserves preventing an increase concentration of the blood that can cause blood clots. Joints become less stiff and more pliable. The calf muscles pump blood from the arteries to the veins and longstanding edema and swelling are reduced, and lymphatic blockages disappear. Bones become strengthened. Exercise activates adrenalin, which reduces histamine overload, and helps hydrate the body. More hormones and endorphins are produced when you exercise. Exercise for endurance, not speed.

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