Energy is present in all forms of matter. It is present in electricity, gravity, body actions, our thoughts, breathing, nerve currents, and in the air.

This energy is influenced by body position, fasting, concentration, chanting, and visualization. Energy is always moving.

Organ system currents shift from one system to another.

Physical movement occurs by breathing, heart beating, bowels moving, blood flowing and by friction as our body moves through air.

The air we breathe and the food we eat nurture the energy that we receive at birth.

Magnetic electrical impulses in our nervous system influence this energy movement.

We also get energy from the sun, breathing oxygen, vibrations from the ears, sight, and the nose. Our chakras and acupuncture points serve as antennas.

Solid particles of the world are affected by nature's movements.

Temperature changes, day turning to night, spring turning to summer,and other outside factors influence vibrations and energy movement through power spots in the earth, over underground streams and rivers and on hilltops.

Gravitational pull, thunderstorms, the moon and lack of sunshine can alter energy movement.