When there is a subtle vibration we consider it an aura. When you meet someone you immediately connect with their energy or you disconnect and ignore them. You somehow like someone or you dislike someone without knowing anything about them.

This same body energy connects us with all of nature and with our inner circulating body energy. There are vibrational forces outside and inside the body that make electrical currents. This allows us to be our own self sufficient world.

Body tissues have different densities. The denser the tissue the stronger the energy currents. Energy in bones, for example, last after death often for centuries. The strongest body energy current passes through the head, spine,pelvis, and legs. We are grounded to the earth by our feet.

There are three layers of energy. The deepest passes through the bone marrow and the bones.The middles layer passes through organs, blood, nerves, and muscles. And last, the superficial layer of energy is under the skin and connects us with the middle layer. It insulates us from the weather and outside vibrations.

Harmonious vibrations from the outside world help cleanse our bodies and our inner energy systems. We receive someone else's thoughts, their physical contacts, their smiles, their pleasant hellos, and we respond positively.

We are connected. and bond. We become happier when we resonate with the vibrations of others. However when we receive negative vibrations from someone, our body's high energy transformer creates mayhem to our body's energy field.