Chronic complaints need both Western and Eastern medicine.
Eastern medicine protects and preserves health, anticipates problems, helps keep the body in balance, and renews our resources. Western medicine treats only after a crisis occurs and heroic rescues are then attempted. The two are not substitutes for each other but compliment each other. American Acupuncture accomplishes this.

The following conditions are amenable to American Acupuncture:

The following conditions are amenable to American Acupuncture:

Smoking, Alcohol and Drug Cessation
Sport Injuries, Muscle Strain, Neuralgia
•Neck, Shoulder, Arm, Knee,
Hip and Leg Pain
•Headaches, Weight control, Low Back Pain, Bursitis,
Disc Disease
Sexual problems
Parkinsonism, Cerebral Palsy, Strokes, Senility
•Peripheral Neuritis, Bell's Palsy, Arthritis
Herpes Zosterpain, Immunity Disorders
Allergies, Depression, Phobias, Nervousness
•Chronic Fatigue,
Carpal Tunnel, TMJ, Tinnitus
Insomnia, Impotence, Female Disorders
Stress Control, Facial Rejuvination, Baldness

Broad categories are as follows:

Addictions: Smoking, Alcohol, Cocaine and Drugs
Stress Reduction Chronic Fatigue Decreased Immunity
Signs Of Aging Infection
Skin Problems Muscle And Skeletal Problems
Genital Urinary Reproductive
Mental And Emotional


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