Scalp acupuncture is especially useful for neurological disorders. Standard acupuncture of scalp points normally involves subcutaneous insertion up to a depth 1/2 cun or less (about 0.3–0.5 inches for an adult) at a high angle of 60–90 degrees, the needles are to be subjected to rapid stimulation, which may be carried out in a variety of ways, including pulling/thrusting, twirling, and electro-stimulation.

Standard acupuncture applied to scalp points usually involves less rapid stimulation or moxibustion as the main stimulation technique. When using manual manipulation in modern scalp acupuncture, it is common to stimulate the needles for 2–3 minutes at a time,

The technique Lu is predominantly a small-needle therapy in which shu points in the scalp are treated. Shu points refer to “stream” points where the qi of the internal organs is infused. In the system of body acupuncture, there are 5 shu points (one for each element) on each of the 12 meridians (below the elbow or below the knee) plus the back shu points, which are each located in the vicinity of one of the internal organs. According to the theory of channels and collaterals, shu points in the head can be used to treat diseases of the whole body. with a rest period of 5–10 minutes between stimulations..

The left side governs qi and the right side governs blood. Needling of the left side has a greater impact on disorders of the left side of the head and neck, but of the right side of the body below the neck, and conversely.

that if the disorder affects the left or right side of the body, then treatment that is intended to affect the head or neck is done on the same side of the zone as the side of the disorder (ipsilateral), but if it is below the neck, then the needle is placed on the opposite side of the zone.


Acupuncture applied to the scalp had good effect on diseases that were associated with cerebral damage, such as stroke. Its applications were then extended to virtually all other diseases, but a focus on nervous system disorders is still dominant, especially useful for neurological disorders due to the location of needling at the head.


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