Death is a part of life.



Fighting the terminal battle against a terminal illness is difficult. Once your life begins to collapse from a terminal disease: your buried childhood wounds reopen, you feel helpless, lonely, lose control, and collapse physically. As the thought of death confronts you, there is no longer anything to hide. You can now speak out and share the wounds you had buried for years.

If you were never loved as a child, you can’t follow your dreams. You do what society expects of you-to become a nice person. You control your anger, avoid conflicts, put your needs on the back burner. You now succeed in your job, your marriage, and your family.

If you desire to live, you can change the course of the disease, and the course of your life. However you must have a loving relationship with others. By speaking and sharing your feelings, your fear of death is replaced by serenity and peace. You now begin to see how valuable you are and become aware of all the meaningful things you have accomplished.

But you no longer find it possible to reach new goals and your future seems hopeless, it’s hard to believe things are ever going to become better. Fear blocks off your energy; You become angry and negative. You are overwhelmsed both mentally and physically. You can’t really understand how you’re feeling, and no one can do anything for you.

Your unmanageable life makes you quit exercising, start smoking and drinking again, stop all your medication, and cause trouble sleeping. Your emergency inflammatory immune response system shuts down all your repair mechanisms. Adrenaline, cortisol, inflammatory cytokines and chemokines are released and inactivate your protective killer cells that were attacking cancer cells.


For years, you have been running around like ” a chicken with your head cut off”, You spent a lot of time doing worthless things. Now you can turn the course of this disease by focusing your attention inward “ to your inner self, your soul, your Id”. Society has programed you to ignore your inner self and your gut feelings.

Look inside and revisit the painful feelings and distractions you have so long ignored. Bury these rocks of pain once and for all. Besides being painful and disturbing. these scars remain poorly healed, drain energy from you, and block your defense system.
Let your brain now heal these emotional scars that you for years denied present.

Listen to your inner voice yelling: “Hey Jerk. You’re missing something really important. Start feeling who you really are!” Stop thinking about the past and future. Your pass is long history and will never come back: they are only memories and images. The emotional baggage no longer can strangle you. and your future is unknown. Let your mind relax. See that “only today is important”.


Review your life, your distractions, and get control over your cancer. Recover the desire to live, by developing an activity that is meaningful to you. You are no longer alone. Start reconnecting with your network of friends that have loved and supported you. Get them to talk to you about what is important to you. They can rekindle the lost flame within you, and keep you from feeling helpless. Seek a goal, open the future, and you will tremendously increase your chances of living longer.

Such action will help you improve your strengths and defenses against disease. Your cancer killer white blood cells will now fight back, become more competitive in licking your cancer, and revitalize your immunity. Give yourself a chance to recover and feel that you no longer are alone.


Oriental medicine preaches: “A sound balance between your various autonomous body biorhythms, “yin and yang”, keeps you in good health. When these rhythms are out of” sync”, your body must be re-balanced. Killer cells in your white blood cell and immune system develop a sense of direction, inflammatory cytokines are reduced, and interleukin antibodies increase.

Yoga masters in India had their mantras and passed it on to the Tibetan monks. The Arabs gave it to the Christians, who introduced it to Europe in the form of a rosary. Start reciting the “Our Father” and your biological rhythms will once again resonate with one another harmoniously.

By meditating, chanting, using mantras, saying the rosary, or reciting the “Our Father”, your brain will synchronize all of its electrical activity. You will sleep better, feel better and be less stressed.

How does this happen? Your body adjusts mechanically and subconsciously to its natural rhythm of fluctuations in a frequency of “six breasts a minute”. Your blood pressure, blood flow to the brain and heart, resonate and reinforce each other. By keeping your blood sugar regulated, your immune system becomes strong, and inflammation becomes controlled.
You are winning the battle for life.

A wonderful way to balance your autonomic rhythms is by concentrated breathing. By focusing on the present moment, your body and mind merge, you develop inner peace, and reconnect to your life force and power.

Death is not useless. It is a way to give love, and teaches those close to you the calmness, beauty and usefulness of your death. You saw your parents and friends die. If it is your turn, see the calmness they showed in their death. You are not the only one who has to die; others are in your same shoes and will also die.

When sitting with someone who’s dying, you realize they are not interested in talking. They just want to hold your hand, listen to soft music, and look out the window. They are fearful and terrified that no one is there to console them at the end. Let them know that their whole life was very important, everyone noticed the details of the things that matter to them, and if it’s time to go it’s okay.

None of us mind leaving this earth early, but we must be reassured that the world will not end, we will not suffer, and our lives will continue through our genetic connections with our children and grandchildren.

Most of us look after others rather than having them take care of us. We love our independence. As death approaches, we become terrified, and become dependent on others at a time when we have nothing left to give them. As you die, don’t see death as useless, but as a way to give your loved ones “the gift of love”. You are a teacher. Show everyone close to you the beauty and calmness and usefulness of your death.

We get our ideas of death from watching our parents and friends die. When it’s our turn, we see these images. If we watched others die calmly, we are prepared for our turn. Above all, do not give up hope: “As this journey ends, another one more glorious begins”.
As he was dying, the last word of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, was “WOW”
Illness may take your body away, but can never take your soul.