Once you quit smoking, you will feel alive, clear headed, full of energy and strength, and breathing will be easier.
Within a few hours your body begins to heal itself. The carbon monoxide and nicotine in your system rapidly disappears. Your heart and lungs will begin to repair the damage caused by the cigarettes. You will note some remarkable changes in your body.

Your sense of taste and smell will return. Your smoker’s hack will disappear and your digestion will return to normal. You should not find any increase in appetite because we treat the hunger area, one area connecting to the stomach and pancreas. This prevents junk food eating.

Most important, you will feel alive, clear headed, full of energy and strength and breathing will be easier. You will climb a flight of stairs without being winded. You are now free from the mess, smell, expense, and dependence of cigarette smoking.

Above all, you will have reduced your risk of death from heart disease, stroke, cancer of the lung, emphysema, glaucoma and breast cancer.

You have taken the first big step in clearing your lungs and becoming a healthier you. Think of all the extra time you now have that was previously wasted in cigarette breaks, rushing out to buy cigarettes and, hunting for a lighter.

This day is sacred to you. Don’t let anything ruin it. Begin to condition yourself physically.

  • Start a moderate exercise program.
  • Drink lots of fluids.
  • Get some rest and avoid fatigue.
  • Have your teeth cleaned by your dentist.
  • Put the money you have saved away for a future trip.
  • Keep busy.
  • Go to the movies, out for dinner, long walk.
  • Buy yourself a treat and do something to celebrate.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol especially before dinner.
  • Avoid situations you strongly associated with smoking
  • Pay extra attention to your appearance.
For the rest of the week, spend more time where smoking is prohibited (libraries, museums, department stores). Change your home into a clean, fresh, non-smoking environment. Try to associate with nonsmokers at cocktail parties.

Find new habits to make smoking difficult such as swimming, jogging, or tennis. Wash your hands if a desire for a cigarette might occur. You have accomplished a very difficult task that most people find they can’t do. We are glad to have been a part in helping you breaks the habit.