Most of you did not do very well in school. None of you came into this world with a blank personality and temperament. Unfortunately your families have over focused on all your activities throughout the day. They tell you" you don't have to behave in public since it might hurt your self-esteem". Your family is evaluated by how successful it is in making you a highly competitive individual. They constantly overstimulated you and this creates a great deal of stress in your life. You require, not just physical health, but also health of mind and spirit,

If you stayed focused and follow the rules, raise your hands, and sit very still, you will be rewarded. Above all, you must remain obedient, and restrict your movements and your natural exuberance. Learn how to read well, and articulate.
Many times you think of your classroom is a battlefield where you boys seem to be the losers. If you stay together, you will create less stress for yourself.

You gals seem to mature quicker then you, and often they outnumber you. Their brains are different than your brains, and the school educational system seems to favor them by a relaxed class situation where conflict and stress is not allowed. If you sit down, follow orders and listen to what your teacher says, you will get good grades and do very well. Most of your fellow buddies rebel against his philosophy. All you want are some good books that can hold your interest, that will find excitement, and satisfy your rising testosterone levels.

Hopefully the following articles will help you get rid of some of the high stress you are encountering. You don't have to get in the best college, you don't have to have the highest paying job, and you don't have to be successful and happy. All this will be yours however by living the life of who you really are, not making a fortune. There is no rigid mold you must fill.

Many of your parents monitor and stay focused every minute a day on your activities. Where are you going, what are you going to do, did you do your homework, and when are you going to bed. Society tells them they will be successful if you can compete at the highest level in society. Your parents are constantly bombarded with information and trends on how to raise you to adulthood.

As you strive to develop your own identity and sense of values, your parents worry that you are embracing principles that conflict with their very deep religious and moral beliefs. Sometimes you feel burnt out that you can't find your way. Sometimes your school system and you can't get along.
They may even consider putting you on Ritalin thinking you are sick. After a while, they will realize you are fine but want to be treated as an individual and are finding your way to a successful life.
Hang in there, stay with your parents since they love you dearly, and there will be less stress for all of you. get familiar with things that mean something to you like physical fitness and health. You will be one of our future leaders in America and hopefully these articles will keep you one step ahead of your buddies.

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