Love is the most powerful drug that can defeat your illness. Physicians see the body as a clock that works in a particular way. Anything that effects body functions, including prayer, belongs to the watchmaker, the doctor.

Yet some people often take total personal control and abandon medical treatments. They deny what is happening and wonder how they then can be responsible for what is happening in their lives.

We bring apprehension into our total awareness, not trusting the unconscious. Let go! Let the unknown come to your aid. Trust and make friends with your unconscious.

You don't create the world. You are the world, 100%. When you stop trying to make things happen, you can connect with your higher power. It's hard to be passive and inactive. But great ideas come in silence and stillness.

If you were to say: "Illness, I look at you as my best teacher. I love you and respect you. You are safe with me. I can live with you in me for a long time. I want what is best for me, even if its death."

To surrender is a powerful tool. By giving up you refuse to act. Don't fight all your bad thoughts. You will not be pushed around or controlled by these thoughts. Our society needs noise. Yet talking and listening block our deeper connection with our Higher Power.

What is the most powerful drug that can defeat your illness? LOVE. Loving others is good for everyone's health. If you are connected with others by love, you develop an emotional bond with them

Love and caring results in healing. Anything can happen in the course of a disease. As long as your fate is unknown you have a chance. Unobserved events can alter the course of any illness.

Today's five-minute office visit with everything tested can make you think you are sick. Your cholesterol is borderline, your blood pressure is up 5 points, your prostate seems enlarged, you are overweight, your breast has some thickness in one area, you have early signs of a cataract, and osteoporosis is beginning to appear.

"Oh dear! I just came in for my annual physical, was feeling fine, and I now thing I am sick." Because of legal reasons the doctor will often prescribe medicine. The doctor has several drugs that can prevent all these things from becoming problems. Some of them now make you sick from their side effects. Folks, people in other countries without disease prevention live longer.

Your doctor's attitude has a great role in your healing. He can talk up a medicine and he himself believes it will work and cure you. No matter what the drug is, 40% of the time you will get well (the placebo effect). No treatment is free of side effects. Ask of any treatment its downside, side effects, and harmful possibilities.

If some drug appeals to you, you will make sense out of it. It's easy for the doctor to deny some of your symptoms because if they are valid they challenge him and this takes time, and your visit is only for five minutes.

Doctors have an emotional need to believe they are right and make you, the patient believe it. Today the pressures on the doctor make them remote, aloof, non-involved, and emotionally detached.

Ask yourself, "Does my doctor make me feel better or worse when I am around him? Do you cancel appointments because you felt worse after you visit your doctor?"

But what can you do? A wise doctor uses what works, drugs, prayer, herbs, and sound advice. Never accept a treatment that you don't believe in. Don't be pessimistic.

If you believe prayer works, use it. If you believe drugs work, use them. If you believe some herb will help try it. If you feel acupuncture might help, go for it. Above all find a flexible and tolerant doctor that honors your point of view.

Since 1600 the medical profession has had a destiny to conquer and rule nature. What we investigate we give respect and reverence. If acupuncture were only a placebo effect, what would it matter? The cure is no less real or less appreciated by the patient.

Can we accept what we cannot understand?
Many scientific studies involve too few patients. There is no assessment of one group being sicker than another. Did they have really the same illness? Did they have the same criteria for improvement and did the treatments vary. Did the group vary as to age and sex?

Modern medical science was invented and did not come down from heaven. There is now a near total reliance on drugs, surgery, and radiation. Western modern medicine cannot believe that non-material forms of healing exist. There is a great resistance to change. The doctor's views of the world are believed by him to be true.

After all doctors were taught what to believe in medical school and the inner circle of experts at Harvard have set the program. Healing is rejected without attention to evidence. There is conflict with what is perceived and what is believed.

They fear getting lost in mysticism and equate anything unknown to emptiness, annihilation, and even death. They also fear the powers of others, thinking strange and different people possess it. No average person could have such gifts of healing.

Since alternative methods of healing cannot be reproduced predictably it cannot work. Its raining now and the weatherman did not predict it. Does it mean its not raining?

Careers, research grants, professorships and health products are at stake. The health industry takes 15% of our national income. It's big business. Medical scientists wage their careers on particular narrow approaches.

They get from the National Institute of Health (NIH) large amounts of research money to test their theories. They are committed to one approach and cannot see the "YOU FAILED" sign on the wall. (Our approach to cancer with irradiation and chemotherapy has not changed in 50 years and has been a failure.)

Instead of groups acting as checks on each other, the drug companies, researchers, NIH, and AMA all play the same song. Equally biased information frequently misleads all the good conscientious physicians you see day to day.

Energy and money are spent with little effect. Physicians today only target relief of symptoms with drugs. There is no attempt to seek solutions to prevent illness

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