Leg Power Points
Powerful acupuncture points found on the extremities. These acupuncture points should only be used by trained acupuncturists since they are extremely powerful and can also be very dangerous. They are however very effect in emergency situations.


Gall Bladder-31 (GB-31) –Wind Market (Fengshi)
On the outside of the leg, along the lateral aspect of the thigh, seven cun superior to the popliteal crease, located along the common peroneal nerve.
It is a wood, Yang element point. (Shao Yang)

Kidney-6 (KI-6) –Shining Sea (Zhaohai)
At the ankle on the inside of the leg, 1 cun below the prominence of the medial malleolus
This point connects with the Master/Confluent point of the Yin Heel Vessel (Yin Qiao Mai). It is a Water,Yin element point. (Shao Yin)

Bladder-40 (BL-40) –Middle of the Crook (Weizhong)
In the back of the knee, on the popliteal crease, in a depression midway between the tendons of the biceps femoris and semi tendinosus, (midpoint of the back of the knee. This point connect with four other important points; Gao Wu command point,the earth element point of the Bladder channel. the He-Sea point of the Bladder channel , and the Ma Dan-Yang Heavenly Star point. this point has a water Yang element (TainYang).

Liver-3 (LIV-3) –Great Rushing (Taichong)
On top of the foot, in the hollow distal to the junction of the first and second metatarsal bones
This point connects with three liver channel points: the earth element point, the Source )Yauan) point and the Shu-Stream points and also the Ma Dan-Yang Heavenly Star point. It is a wood Yin element point (Jue Yin).

Liver-11 (LIV-11) –Yin Corner (Yinlian)
At the upper part of the front of the leg, on the anterior border of the adductor longus, 2 cun lateral to the midline, level with the superior border of the pubic symphysis. This is Wood, Yin (Jue Yin) element point.

Bladder-62 (BL-62) –Extending Vessel (Shenmai)
On the lateral side of the foot/ankle, about 0.5 cun below the lower border of the lateral malleolus, in a depression posterior to the peroneal tendons
This point connects with the Master/Confluent point of the Yang Heel Vessel (Yang Qiao Mai) and the Sun-Si-Miao Ghost point. it has a water yang element (Tai Yang).

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