Vigorous exercising when exposed to high pollution can trigger heart attacks. Jogging in heavy traffic may be hazardous to your cardiac health A study of 20 men who had a history of cardiac infarctions exercised in an area with high diesel pollution. They all showed a strong association between air pollution and heart ischemia and infarction.

JOGGING IN TRAFFIC CAN BE DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH Exposure suppressed net t-PA release and showed impairment of fibrolytic activity. All the men showed ST segment depression and a great ischemic burden during the diesel exposure.

Mechanism of indirect effects from agents crossing the lung epithelium into the circulation included soluble transient metals. The autonomic balance became disturbed resulting in a higher risk of arrhythmias and disruption of arterial plaques. The pulmonary oxidative stress lead to systemic inflammation causing the altered fibrolytic activity.

Decreased oxygen supply to the heart occurs because of vasoconstriction of the arteries and a transient thrombosis formation. There is also a decreased oxygen carrying capacity causing higher levels of carbon monoxide and increased oxygen demand.

The changes in t-PA release show a predisposition to thrombosis formation when a plaque is disrupted.Vigorous exercise during exposure to high levels of air pollution in heavy traffic may trigger an acute cardiovascular event.

Patients with coronary disease, who did not have an infarction with transient exposure to air pollution or have sub clinical disease with perhaps plaques, can have a cardiac event triggered by vigorous exercise.
Exercise in traffic free areas is beneficial, but jogging in heavy traffic may be hazardous to your cardiac health. Perhaps health clubs are the answer.

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