Hand Acupressure


There are acupressure hand points that relieve pain for over 6 hours.
You can do this at home and reduce the need for drugs. This started in Korea where it was noted that if you found a tender spot on the hand and touched the painful spot with some sharp object (a ball point pen will work) joint and back pains were relieve for over 6 hours.

This led to the development of hand acupuncture to aid in the treatment of many illnesses. To avoid confusion and to simplify things, in the hand diagrams shown I limit the discussion to various joint and back pains.

To simplify things, think of the fingers as a horse. The middle finger is the head,neck, and spine. The second and fourth fingers are the upper extremities, wrist, elbow, and shoulder. The thumb and little finger are the lower extremities, ankle, knee and hip.

The spine and back are on the back of the hand and run along the middle finger. For acupressure purposes limit yourself to the third, fourth, and fifth fingers.

As shown in the diagram, if you have a particular joint problem, take a heavy-duty paper clip or ball point pen and press on the appropriate spot for three minutes to relieve the pain. Again it last about 6 hours, and can be repeated as necessary. Good Luck.

Back of Hand
Pain relieving acupressure points
Hand points that control all extremities and spine.


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