The details of how you look tells everything about you.

Men’s grooming, skin care. and the use of makeup to look good has always been a part of our male history. Mother Nature chose to endow the male species with great color and splendor. All through history, the more man stood out from his competition, the greater was his chance of attracting a mate. American men are catching up to the polished grooming skills of European men.

Industry statistics show that men are increasingly likely to use personal grooming products as: moisturizers, hair gels, toiletries, cosmetics, and lotions, to stand out from fellow prowlers. Over $20 billion of these products are sold annually.


Eye shadow was used in Egyptian burials as far back as 10,000 BC. Roman men used scented oils and ointments to clean and soften their skin. To hide their body odor, their slaves bathed them in perfume.

Makeup began with dyes and paints to color the skin, body, and hair. Even the nails were stained using henna. A dark colored powder, called Kohl, made of crushed antimony, burnt almond, lead, oxidized copper, ochre and ash was used to line the eyes, eyelids, and eyebrows; it extended over the sides of the face for an almond effect. This Kohl powder also helped reduce the glare of the sun, and was thought to reduce eye infections.

As far back as 300 BC. hygiene and health played an important role in the life of Egyptians, Chamomile, lavender, lily, peppermint, rosemary, cedar, rose, aloe, olive oil, sesame oil and almond oil all provided the basic ingredients of ointments and perfume.

Later, red ochre clay was mixed with water and applied to man’s lips, cheeks and nails. Chalk was used to whiten the complexion and rouge was applied to the cheeks. Hair removal depilatories were used, and pumice helped clean the teeth.

Makeup was common practice, by the middle of the 1st century AD. This resulted in an increased demand for roses, sweet flag, narcissus, saffron, mastic, oak moss, cinnamon, cardamom, pepper, nutmeg, ginger, aloe wood, grasses and gum resins.

Around 100 AD, the hedonistic Romans took men’s grooming makeup to a higher level. Men’s makeup included the use of barley flour and butter on pimples, sheep’s fat and blood for fingernail polish, and even crocodile excrement for mud baths. The hair was frequently dyed blond the preferred color of the times. These dyes, however, were so caustic they caused the hair to fall out.

During the reign of Elizabeth I of England, men’s grooming makeup became very popular. Elderflower ointment was used for the skin, , and egg and honey masks were used to smooth away wrinkles; bathing in wine also became popular,

To suggest health, wealth and gaiety, the men used geranium petal rouge, lipstick, rosemary water for the hair, and even sage to whiten their teeth. Hair was bleached with lye, causing it to fall out, thus popularizing the need for wigs.

Pale skin also became a very popular. Unknowingly, the makeup used to whiten the skin was made with lead and arsenic, which resulted in many early deaths.


These days, you too are just as concerned about looking and feeling your best in all areas of your life. You know that everything-- from a great haircut to how you look and feel about yourself-- has a large impact on your life.

When you feel good about yourself you are motivated to succeed in life, and feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally.

It is important for men to be able to both feel and look good. The media is constantly feeding you the information you need to implement positive changes in your life. You are daily reminded that you can and should look and feel better than you do.

Just imagine a new life where you look your very best, feel great about yourself, attract the soul mates you desire, and have a better chance at achieving your dream job. You are now irresistible.


Are you happy? I mean 100% happy, with how you look when you look in the mirror. Who are you? What do you like? What do you feel good in? What colors do you gravitate toward?

Your skin sure needs help. Since you work out frequently and wash and showers often, your sin is drying out. Gone are the days when you could just wash with a harsh soap and face the day.

Today’s, skin care products will make your skin feel fresh, smooth, and moisturized. They are available in subtle scents that both you and your soul mate will find attractive, but not overwhelming.

Real men don't cry -- they moisturize with nice smelly stuff.

Moisturize your face and get rid of those little dry patches. Get a refreshed look that lets you stand out from the crowd. Invest in an exfoliating face wash and scrub away those odd unsightly black heads that give off a nasty smell.

Your ears and nose may never stop growing, but that's no excuse for letting the hair that pops out of both areas go crazy. Why not invest in a nasal hair trimmer and pluck out those stray hairs with a set of tweezers. Your manly- ruddy face also needs skin lotions.

Your hair needs help too!

To get the hair on you’re head looking just right, you must have the right shampoo and conditioner. And, since your hair now that it is getting gray, have you thought about dying or coloring your hair?

The key to choosing a perfect hairstyle is not fad. It is understanding and knowing the shape of your face. Check out the latest trends to help inspire you.

In your lifetime, you remove on average 24 feet of hair. Fortunately you have found the perfect haircut, after paying a silly amount of money at a high-end salon, and were sold some gooey hair gel product to put on it every morning.

You say you are bald? Great!

Towel your baldhead before and after shaving your head. Put on your head a special aromatherapy formula--it has all natural ingredients to replace the natural oils lost in your scalp. It has a natural protection that reduces sweat and gives your head a clean glowing look. You might want to consider moving to Atlanta, which has more Bald Men per capital than any other city. Georgians know all the latest trends.


In 2000, American men began focusing on grooming, skin care, and makeup-- your appearance is improved and you are in sync with the jet set. The details of how you look speaks volumes about you.

Make sure your shoes are polished and use all your best accessories – a nice belt, your best watch, and a good wallet.

Today, luxury is a culture; your view of the world and your relationship to society is judged by how you look at your relationship toward possessions.

You might check that there is no aluminum in your underarm deodorant. You don’t need Alzheimer’s down the road.

Oh, by the way, check that there is no lead in the anti graying lotion you are using. It coul d cause you some neuroligic lead poisioning problems. Watch out also for the thing we call dandruff.

With the economy in default mode, it may important to slow down and groom the old fashioned way-- just soap and water as you did n the 80s. After all, food is also important.

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