Principles of good eating and dieting were emphasized in the macrobiotic diets. Here are some of the rules.

70% of the diet consists of cereals, brown rice, wheat, barley, and corn.


    70% of the diet consists of cereals, brown rice, wheat, barley, and corn. The remaining diet is 20% vegetables and 10% soups Eat all you want but chew your food well

    Food gives us life and energy, but can also kill us if the proportions are bad. Every reaction depends on many factors: chemical, physical, biologic, electrical, electronic, and vitamins.

    All foods are produced from chlorophyll and thus have a vegetable origin. An animal cannot exist without eating vegetation. Only vegetables can energize and synthesize
    inorganic elements. The inorganic world is yang and the vegetable world is yin.

    We humans cannot digest inorganic substances or make them from proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins or minerals. However vegetables can absorb these inorganic foods and turn them into organic foods which our bodies then can utilize. Without vegetable life no animals could exist.


    We depend on vegetables to maintain and build our bodies. We are transformed vegetables. Without chlorophyll, we cannot energize our lives. Even our hemoglobin comes from chlorophyll.

    Vegetables are indeed a superior food. But remember not to take in too much food. We tend to be greedy and to overeat. Even bad quality of food is not as bad as excess in quantity.

    That is why fasting in food and drink is beneficial at times.
    Eat vegetables that are in season (except potato, eggplant, and tomatoes). Eat all the carrots, onions, radish, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce you like.

    Yin veggies are generally bluish to violet in color. The most yin veggies are: raisins, red cabbage, oranges, sugar cane, eggplant and figs. Despite being rich in vit C and K, they should be eaten in moderation.

    A vegetarian diet results in tranquility obedience, patience and resistance to fatigue. When cooking your veggies, don't peel them nor soak them in water for any long periods of time. Eat all the rice and other cereals you wish but chew them well. Eat seaweed, and shellfish and veggies (all the food that does not run away). Avoid chemically treated foods.


    A diet with over 25% meat or fish will result in aggressive behavior, egocentricism, laziness, and vulnerability to diseases. A yin person will cry faster than a Yang person. (How would you label your children?)
    A vegetarian diet results in tranquility obedience, patience and resistance to fatigue.
    Yang foods are red or yellow. They are the meats, fishes, eggs, vit d and all blood products. They are high in sodium and low in K. Ratio of Na to K should be about 5. If the ratio is less than 5 the body is Yang. If more than 1/5 the body is more Yin. K is Yin and Na is yang. Both are found in almost all chemical products.

    I have been asked about the macrobiotic diet and its values. It was advanced by a Dr Georges Oshawa around 1965 and was advocated at that time for longevity and rejuvenation. It should be revisited, in light of today's nutrition. If you are not well, this diet may improve your health.

    In old Chinese medicine yin was contractile and yang was expansive. This is all reversed in physical thinking of the macrobiotic diets.

    Four thousand years ago, in the physical sense, the sky was considered the supreme Yin symbol and the earth the supreme Yang symbol. Physically speaking, all empty organs are Yin, as they are passive and receptive.

    These include the stomach, lungs, bladder, gall bladder, colon and small intestines. The Yang organs are solid organs with compactness and are the kidney, heart, and pancreas. Metaphysically, in old Chinese medicine and acupuncture all this reversed.

    The macrobiotic diet is based on the process of transmutation. Without it we could not exist. Transmeremely yin. All foods containing chemical fertilizers and insecticides are very Yin. Liver disease results from foods too rich in animal proteins and an excess of sugar.

    Chronic disease is a result of too much Yin or Yang in the foods. If one takes too much Yang, this means that one is too Yin. You only have a choice between life and death, to be or not to be, longevity or premature death.

    If you are over 60 years of age, reduce your salt intake, eliminate oily and greasy foods and animal fats, and use a minimum of vegetable oil. Live as close to nature as you can, and share your personal happiness with others
    All disease is located in our blood or fed to our blood. Nature is the greatest healer. Nature has given us foods that are proper for our bodies.

    We can get healthy by using them. Most diseases are caused by rich foods and living luxuriously. The macrobiotic diet gives us a natural way of eating and drinking. It has withstood the test over the last 45 years.

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