The face is a micro map of the entire body. All 12 body meridians have energy points on the face which can be affected by using acupressure on them with fingertips. On rotation, more blood flows to the face, improving the facial circulation and facial nerve supply. It release blocks in energy lines and remove imbalances under the upper layer of the skin on the face, breaking down skin deposits and boosting energy. The facial circulation is directly related to brain circulation, and hence great relaxation may occur by releasing serotonin and endorphins and thus reducing depression, stress, and anxiety.

For over 2000 years, the organs havewere represented on different parts of the body.
Reflexology began in 1582 with zone therapy of Adams and
Bell in Germany. Sixty years later (1642), LiNienWo described various organ representation on the face, pupil, and iris. Eight years later (1670), iridology was born by Dr Meyers in Dresden Germany.
In 1713, Dr. Miyawaki discovered foot reflexology. Cherokees in North Carolina in 1820 use pressure therapy and feet. In 1917 Bowers and Fitzgerald wrote a book about zone therapy (foot reflexology). In 1898, Sir Henry of London, described sensitive zones on the skin when certain organs were diseased.

Pressure points were discovered in 1902 by Dr. Cornelius in a book called Druckpune. Ear acupuncture was born in 1950 when Dr. Nogier in Lyons France discovered that the ear also contained a representation for every part of the body. In 1975 Dr Tae-Woo-Yoo of South Korea discovered the same to be true for the hand.
Scalp acupuncture was discovered in 2000, and quickly followed by abdominal acupuncture 2007.

In 1994 Dr. Y. Omura of New York City mapped out on the palm of the hand and the sole of the foot representative connections with different organs in the body. He also clarified the acupuncture points on the tongue for diagnosis using the bi-digital O-ring test that he discovered.


Today facial reflexology is the rage in Britain, with over 35,000 reflexologists now applying acupressure to the face, rather than the feet, hands, ear, and scalp acupressure (all of which are micromaps of the entire body). The treatment certainly relaxes the body, often relieving stress, insomnia, tension headaches, and digestive problems.

This treatment is based on a medical theory introduced by Dr. Fitzgerald ( 1872- 1942) who used the concept that the body flows through 10 vertical zones running from head to toe. If pressure is applied to a specific facial reflex point, it will stimulate an identifiable muscle tissue, resulting in the release of toxins, increasing blood flow and oxygen to that area.

Founder Lone Sorensen, a Danish reflexologist, now based in Barcelona Spain ,has developed this holistic complementary therapy using traditional Chinese meridians, Vietnamese face mapping, and South American zone therapy used by a nomadic tribe in the Andes, called the Amputee. She combines facial reflex zones with modern neuroanatomy, and addressing the senses of smell, hearing, sight, and touch in the treatments. She’d began her study of reflexology in 1978, later moved to Argentina to teach his own therapy on the feet and hands and face, and notice American Indian women in Chile practicing a form of facial zone therapy. She then went to Chile, where she met a Vietnamese doctor who worked with Oriental charting the face and relationship to body organs and systems.

She has also created a therapy for brain damaged children, called Temprana, incorporating reflexology of the face, hand, and flicked, with muscle stimulation, diet, and music. This method is used in hospitals and Denmark and Spain.

Facial reflexology has proven to be quite powerful to alleviate stress and muscle spasms. Along with Hand. Ear, Scalp, and abdominal acupuncture, facial reflexology has proven to be and effective acupressure treatment. Along with traditional Chinese body acupuncture, which is more long-lasting, these modalities certainly aid in the elimination and need for pain medication.

Back aches are relieved by massaging the three facial bladder points, heartburn relieved by encircling all three stomach and small intestine points, and sinusitis relieved by massaging stomach, bladder, and gallbladder points on the face.