Most lawmakers have no idea of the dynamics of Obamacare today. Physician input on this reform did not exist. Let’s think about how your doctor’s new medical role today.

Since most doctors are no longer allowed to order as many tests to make diagnoses, the physical examination is more important. Most doctors today are rusty and hasty in their examinations. They now must listen to you the patient more closely, finally look at you and make a hasty judgmental diagnosis.

Since some tests often are no longer ordered, your doctor is not always be right. You the patient encounter more pain and suffering, and your options now must include seeking a lawyer for compensation. This results in doctors deciding if you are likely to sue, and if so, are sent elsewhere. Medicaid patients, with low incomes, are not welcomed and are shunted to physician assistants who play doctor in your medical care.

Since the waiting rooms are now full, doctors are required to work fast. Working fast results in errors. They hire more nurses, and have the practical nurses screen your symptoms.

Group practices of doctors are becoming streamlined. The young doctor, with all the latest knowledge, is eliminated from the practice for financial reasons. Older physicians, on the cusp of retiring, hasten their decision to retire. This is resulting in increasing shortage of doctors, and longer waits for appointments.

The successful busy doctors now, are eliminatng you ,the Medicare patient, from their practices, and seek to treat only patients under the age of 65. At least, here they are allowed to do more testing, and have less legal liabilities.

Office testing is now nonexistent. Doctors, now work under the shield of hospitals, and are the only ones able to order non-routine testing. Hospitals in the name of financial savings, limit the number of physician employees they have. You the general public are asked to volunteer your services to the hospital. Employees who remain now are servants of the government and the hospital. There no longer is innovative surgery, and all medical treatments come from the guideline cookbook of Harvard University, in the name of eliminating wasteful spending.

Quality position papers are now being prepared to show all the latest drugs are useless, and the drugs were used in 1980 are superb. You are told that new surgical techniques cannot extend your life, and hence should not be used.

Intensive care units are limiting patients who have a quality life score of under 10 years. If you are projected to die within the next 10 years, that is you are 75 or older, your care and hospital stay will be limited. If you are fragile, are on a slippery slope of chronic illness, you are advised to have an Advanced medical Directive, and are pushed to sign the newest POLST agreement, eliminating services that may extend your life and are costly to the system.

You are, however, given access to free consultation on how the end of your life can be shortened and made more pleasant.

You, the patient, are shuffled from clinic to clinic, and your medical care is delayed. Every doctor, will tell you your case is unusual, and requires more delicate investigation. Meanwhile your disease, progresses. If your illness requires surgery, your medical treatment is delayed, and your are given pills for several months “to see how you do” before surgery is approved

If you live in the country, you now must travel to a large medical center to receive your treatment. Several appointments will be required, with intervals of several weeks, and your procedure is likely denied, by Medicare since it is not shown to be “experience proven”.

Since 15% of our economy revolves around medical care, revenue saving is the rule. Hospital staffs are trimmed, treatment centers are more localized, and care is becoming limited.

You still, however, have access to legal services, where you will be defended, your case will be embellished, and your offspring’s will be compensated for your demise.

Let us remember the first day of spring 2010, when national health care became a reality. Folks, “you ain’t seen anything yet.”

If you have been contemplating a medical procedure, as a knee replacement, get your surgery done as soon as possible. Don’t wait until you are a 65 year old Medicare recipient.

Stay healthy, eat your seaweed, and fill up your gas tank for your numerous medical visits. Protect your estate by making a will, because your life expectancy has suddenly decreased. Above all, when the “palliative care facilitator” comes compassionately to your bed, and recommends you sign a POLST or an Advanced Medical Directive, beware. Your critical care bed will be given to someone else, and an interventist will start a morphine drip to remove your pain and suffering within 24 hours.