Body organs all oscillate at different frequencies. Different organs in the body also oscillate at different frequencies. By varying electrical inputs, magnetic fields can oscillate at different cycles per second. All body tissues also oscillate at different frequencies. These frequencies are altered by disease.

There are 10-12 pints of blood in the body and 45% of it is red blood cells while the other 55% is fluid. The red blood cells contain iron (4 atoms of iron/10,000). This makes the red blood cell slightly magnetic.

When you magnetize the blood, you get increase oxygen uptake to the cells and hence more energy. The cell membrane is a protective shield for the cell. It is an amplifier that resonates. It has an effect on enzymes. An ionic pump governs the flow of ions in and out of the cells. Mitochondria energize the cell by making ATP. Calcium, potassium and sodium are key to these interactions.

Cholesterol, blood pressure, and white blood cell counts drop. There is an increase in cortisone, red blood cells and clotting. Since the body is 70% water and 50% blood, there is a diuretic effect with magnets. Sulfate particles are dissolved and there is an increase in the immune system.

Magnets increase the blood flow in tiny capillaries by 300% in 5 minutes. They relax muscles and connective tissues. Lactic acid and toxins are flushed away. Oxygen and nutrients are sent to cells. There is increase fluid exchange. An invisible motion of ions ad entering and leaving cells. Each cell is energized by an increase production of ATP. Positive charged ions (Na, Ca, D, MG, all compete to hookup with negative charged chlorine and phosphates. The injured areas are alkalinized and acidic conditions are neutralized. All of the above reactions occur also with acupuncture only to a greater degree. Acupuncture is like a shovel with magnets like a teaspoon.

Some people magnetize their water by placing a 1000gauss magnet on wood and then place a glass cup over it. Fill with water and drink the water daily. Magnetism lasts 3 days. This results in increase H ion activity and decrease in free nitrogen. There are less deposits in the water, with the calcium remaining in suspension. There is a decontaminating effect with bacteria made inactive. The same magnetizing can be done with oil but takes 15 days to magnetize because of its increased viscosity. One can use this on painful joints, insomnia, weakness, or on the scalp for balding

There is an anesthetic effect on pain. When stimulated with an external charge the cell membrane opens and ions go inside the cell. The positive charge is pulled away and pain decreases. This is also true for joints and muscles. Acupuncture has a similar but more powerful effect

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