Acupuncture Testimonials

Patient testimonials about what people are saying about our webmaster,
Dr. Sarnacki, as he completed 29 years of medical acupuncture. Now retired,
here is what some patients have said about their medical problems.

Weight Loss
“I am 44 years old and figured it was about time for me to get serious about losing weight. I tried everything. Having asthma, high blood pressure, gastric reflex, and a prolapsed mitral valve, my doctors convinced me it is time to lose weight. I tried everything and turned to acupuncture, and it worked. I went from 245 pounds to 180 pounds in four months. Acupuncture help me feel hopeful and prevented my binge eating”… Lori

Post Fracture Pain
“ I fractured my left ankle nine months ago, and have had pain since the cast was removed. I’ve found it difficult to walk, and my leg was shorter. I had both knees replaced, my right one five years ago and my left one two years ago. After three visits with acupuncture, my pain was totally gone…. Delores


“ I’m 64 years old and have suffered from Parkinsonism and shakes for ten years. I’ve had two stents, and 3 vessels by pass surgery. After two visits, I threw away my cane and am walking fine. My tremors also amazingly disappeared with acupuncture”…. Daniel

Upper back pain

I am 78 now, and had been here 15 years ago and had needles put my upper back . Recently my back pain has become very bad over the last several months. It has caused me to need a wheelchair to get around. It took three acupuncture treatments to get rid of the wheelchair, and another three to become pain-free. Thank you acupuncture. John

Tailbone pain
I am a plumber and for the past three years has severe arthritis in my tailbone. Two acupuncture treatments fixed it all up…. Richard


I have had severe arthritis with pain in my neck shoulder and back for two years, along with real bad headaches. It was a miracle that when Dr. treated my neck and upper back, my pain went away, along with the headaches…. Janet

I am 89, and had shingles nine months ago. This was followed by severe pain in my upper back on my right side. I was hospitalized for this pain for four days. After three acupuncture visits, the pain was totally gone…. George

Nausea of Pregnancy

I am a schoolteacher, and finally got pregnant. For the past 6-½ weeks I have had severe nausea and vomiting all day. To my amazement, one acupuncture visits cleared all this up…. Jamie


I had a lot told tooth work nine months ago. The dental receptionist suggested acupuncture. It worked after one visit…Cheryl

Traumatic headaches
I was hit with volleyball two years ago and have had severe headaches last thing up to two hours. These pains persisted for five days in a row. After two acupuncture visits I was fine…. Phyllis

Heel spurs
I have had cerebral palsy since birth. I have had a lot of pain in my left heel for a long time. Two visits took care of my heel pain…. Sally

I just hit 80 years old. I have been suffering with stabbing pain in my feet and tones. It is especially worse at night and I can’t sleep. I’m a level of 1 to 10; it is at a ten, just terrible.
I had atrial fibrillation, and a heart attack and am on Coumadin. My legs are very swollen and heavy. Water pills, and compression stockings don’t do any good. Recently I had several sores on my legs. Doctor told me my swelling is four plus. For the past four years, I have had acupuncture every two months and no longer have sores and my swelling is way down…. Dick

“ I’m 49 years old and run a towing business. I fell 6 months ago and hurt my right shoulder and back. I always felt like I was going to faint. Dr. treated my right brachial plexus and right shoulder with acupuncture and I feel just fine”…. Ed

Scalp alopecia
“ I’m a 51-year-old nurse and for the past two years have seen a skin rash in my scalp the dermatologist called Lichen Plano Polaris. After two visits, my hair started growing back in the rash disappeared, thanks to scalp acupuncture.”…Anne

Sleep Apnea

I am 83 years old and suffer from sleep apnea. Many nights I failed to sleep and are told I have sleep apnea. After three acupuncture treatments, I sleep like a baby…June

Abdominal Pain
“ I am 49 years old and really suffer from everything. I was told I had fluid in the lungs, had my gallbladder out, have pain in my belly and my chest. I was told I had thyroid problems and use kosher salt for this. I take a lot of herbs, but still can’t sleep…. After three visits, acupuncture that rid of my belly pain and I feel like a new person…. Iman

Carpal Tunnel
“ I’m 59 years old and worked in sales. For the past year, I have been unable to hold most anything. Both wrists are affected and I am told I had carpal tunnel syndrome. They wanted to operate, but I thought I’d try acupuncture first. To my great surprise, after four visits, I have no more pain in my wrists. Thank you acupuncture…Frank

“ I’m 59 years old singer, musician and teacher, and have suffered from migraines for 20 years. I sing in an orchestra and almost daily have severe headaches and neck pain. After five acupuncture treatments, my headaches totally disappeared. ….Scarlett

Ankle Pain
“ I am a police officer and have had five ankle surgeries and I’m told I have no cartilage. The doctor wants to fuse the ankle. I didn’t want fusion, and found on the Internet that acupuncture might help. Dr. put needles in the area where staples were put, and after three treatments, the ankle felt pretty well. He suggested special Coil shoes, which have also helped…. Michelle

Knee Pain
“ I am a 54-year-old retired physical Ed teacher. When bending my left knee, I suffered extreme pain when sitting almost all the time. After five years of this, I tried acupuncture. Two visits later the pain was totally gone…Yolanda

Bell’s palsy

“ I’m 39 years old and suddenly found the right side of my face was numb. The numbness continued for over three years despite tens units, injections, and numerous visits to neurologists. It took six acupuncture treatments, but I can now close my eyelids, smile normally, and the numbness in my face is gone…Nadia


“ I am 47 years old and have an alcohol problem. I was not doing very well, and sleeping on the floor because of back pain. I quit drinking for three months but now I’m back to drinking. After just two acupuncture treatments, I had no desire for alcoholism. The third visit Dr. took care of my back problem and I can sleep in my bed again…. Kirit

Plantar fasciitis
“ I’m 46 years old and had put pain on the bottom of both feet when I walked or stood for long times. This prevented me from doing normal activity is walking, shopping, and exercising. I had an EMG, Basque or testing for circulation class, and 16 months of physical therapy for the book, hamstrings, hip, alignment, and wear orthotic shoes. Nothing helped. With two acupuncture treatments, my pain went away and have no problems walking or standing for long times. I feel young again…Sshman

Heel spur

“ I started having sciatica and then developed a heel spur my left foot. Dr. found to heel spurs in my left heel treated those in my back, and to acupuncture treatments later, I feel normal again. It’s…Karen

Cigar Smoking
“I quit smoking when I was 35, and for the last seven years started smoking cigars. Dr. treated my ears and my salivary glands and I never picked up a cigar again…. Steve

“I am 48-year-old clinical social worker, and I have suffered from Gerd for the past seven years. I was told I have overstimulation of my sympathetic nervous system, resulting in anxiety and tinnitus. My stomach was scoped, and it showed redness and inflamed areas. Acupuncture helped me relax and sleep, and as a result, the tinnitus and gerd simply went away…. Dorothy

Bell’s palsy
“I am 73 years old and had paralysis on my left side it eight years ago. I was injected with Botox numerous times, and told I had to live with it. It took seven acupuncture treatments, but I feel 90% better. My eyelids as strong my lip is elevated, I can smile again and have lost my sad look….Milana

Anal Pain

“ I have been hurting from the lower part of my spine to my anal area for six months. I had ultrasounds, internal anal exams, scopes, prostate exams, MRIs of my back, and had two epidural steroid shots in that area. I lived on Vicodin, but nothing helped. After one acupuncture treatment for pain around my anus completely disappeared…. Ray

Neck Pain
“I am a gardener and landscaper. I’ve suffered lower back pain for 15 years, but for the last two years after a car accident, I started using a cane, And developed a great deal of next problems. After three acupuncture treatments, I threw away my cane, and my back feels fine, and so does my neck. I am back to full-time landscaping….Darien