Acupuncture snippets

Link between pain relief and acupuncture
when mice get acupuncture, they release a natural pain relieving molecule that scientists never linked with the treatment before. It’s important that the Western world take acupuncture seriously, says Dr.Nedergaard, a neuroscientist at the University of Rochester. Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years, and is endorsed by the World Health Organization for more than 20 conditions, but Western medicine continues to be skeptical about the practice.

Studies have shown a clear link between pain relief in animals with acupuncture says Dr. Harris who studies chronic pain and acupuncture at the University of Michigan. Since pain is very complicated, it has many factors involved. Dr. Harris found true acupuncture targets the receptors for endorphins and increases the number of receptors that are activated or help them bind more tightly. Other studies have shown that some parts of the brain get turned off during acupuncture therapy, leading to analgesic effects.

Adenosine,, a molecule that influences inflammation, and acts as a natural pain killer, was released during acupuncture in his studies.
Studies like Dr. Harris says, that show how acupuncture works, gives legitimacy to acupuncture helps move the field forward. People suffering from chronic pain could get better if they had access to treatment and their insurance companies covered it. Acupuncture offers hope for these people.
Dr.Nedergaard, Journal Natural Neuroscience

Acupuncture for chronic low back pain

Joint clinical practice guidelines from the American College of physicians and the American pain Society recommend acupuncture be considered as a possible treatment option for patients with chronic low back pain that are refractory to self-care.

It is useful as part of multidisciplinary approaches to management of chronic low back pain, along with physical therapy, pain medication, and/or exercise
. According to the North American spine Society, acupuncture gives more short-term pain relief and functional improvement than no treatment at all, and adding acupuncture to the other treatments is more effective than other treatments alone.

The UK national Institute for health and clinical excellence endorses acupuncture as a treatment option for patients with low back pain lasting over six weeks.
N Engl J Med. 2010;363:454-461.

Doctors must start talking to patients
“I work at a large multi-specialty group practice. I talk to my patients about exercise, nutrition and stress reduction. Since they are not disease focused this is not paid for by insurance.
As a general internist, I find supplements and other weird stuff being taken by his chronically ill patients because no one talks to them about the basics of why they are ill.

Western medicine only recognizes a true illness if there is an abnormal test, x-ray or exam. Many of his patients receive MRIs, x-rays blood tests, over and over because they complain but the tests are normal. There will not be a study to support what I do because there is no way to do a double-blind placebo controlled trial with a process. The research establishment does drug studies for single compounds for single conditions, not whole system research. It’s important to stop ordering tests and start talking to patients.... Comments by Doctor Woodworker 2.18.10

new guidelines for quality monitoring of acupuncture
The Chinese have developed a standard quality control program to monitor the quality of acupuncture trials. The current Seagate actress he and prevent protocol violations. The eligibility invalidity of the patients in this study are verified and data is monitored for compliance and accuracy. Large multi-center acupuncture clinical trials can now be considered as valid and scientifically stringent as drug clinical trials. It should further promote the international recognition of acupuncture. Dr. Zho, 12.27.09, TCM Chinese science division of TCM

Mayo clinic finds acupuncture useful
is a traditional Chinese theory sees acupuncture as medical treatment very different from that of the West. The West insists that acupuncture incorporate modern concepts of mineral science. along with especially in combination with drugs to control pain and nausea after surgery. It is difficult to conduct valid scientific studies of acupuncture. Research shows acupuncture can help postoperative dental pain and alleviate chemotherapy induced nausea, chronic menstrual cramps and tennis elbow. It offers symptomatic relief for a variety of diseases and conditions, including low back pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, migraines and osteoarthritis.

Acupuncture is safe when performed properly, has few side effects, and is useful as a complement to other treatment methods. It is more available now in conventional medical settings, and helps control certain types of pain. It may be an alternative if you don’t respond to or don’t want to take pain medications. Don’t be afraid to tell your doctor your considering acupuncture. He may be able to tell you the success rate of using acupuncture for your condition or recommend an acupuncturist for use to visit.
Mayo Clinic Newsletter, 12.13.07

tai chi helps heart failure patients
Tai chi patients who had heart failure, showed significant improvements in quality of life, six minute walk test, andnatriuretic peptide levels. These exercises, being less threatening, get the patient’s confidence up, and they are willing to exercise. For many reasons, these patients aren’t willing to do more conventional forms of exercise. Doing tai chi, helps them do other exercises that are more rigorous. Gloria Yeh, Heart Failure Society of America Scientific Meeting, 2010

Tai chi great benefit for fibromyalgia
tai chi, being full of gentle graceful movements, deep breathing, and relaxation, moved the blade till energy chief throughout the body. It is ineffective treatment to increase patient’s physical activities. It increased their strength training, overall well-being, physical functions, and increased the quality of life with reduced the pressure and an improved sleep. NEJM 8.19.10

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