Acupuncture heals cells by increasing the content of water to the damaged cells.

Many of the problems you will read about in this newsletter are reversed by acupuncture. When an acupuncture needle is inserted, it results in increased heat, which results in increased blood flow, and resultant increase in water to damaged cells that cause pain. By increasing the content of water to the damaged cells cellular healing occurs.

Many severe diseases as allergies, asthma, arthritis, and high blood pressure are also alleviated with acupuncture. One must understand the metabolic aspects of chronic body water shortage and, acid-alkaline balance. You can help heal yourself by restoring more water to your body.

It is interesting seeing people under 30 carrying bottled water and constantly drinking. Yet people, over 40, rarely drink water or even order water in a restaurant. It has been estimated that, as we age, we lose the sensation of thirst. We often confuse thirst with a hunger sensation. We think we must eat to feel better but all we need is a couple glasses of water. Senior citizens are often dehydrated and lose daily 3-6 quarts of water from their cells.

The body recycles 40,000 glasses of water daily and is short 8-10 glasses. The body needs 2 quarts of water daily to make up for this deficit, and also ½ tablespoon of salt (sea salt is the best). One ounce of water is needed daily for every two pounds of body weight. A 200-pound person needs 100 ounces of water daily. Minerals are also needed daily; taking a vitamin daily will get an adequate amount of these minerals.

Your body contains 75% water and 25% solids. Sixty six percent of body water is in the cells, 25% is outside the cells and 8% is in the blood. Water is lost from the body from sweating, urinating, breathing, and bowel movements. When one is adequately hydrated, the urine should look clear.


Many of the problems you will read about in this newsletter are reversed by acupuncture. When an acupuncture needle is inserted, it results in increased heat, which results in increased blood flow, and resultant increase in water to damaged cells that cause pain. By increasing the content of water to the damaged cells cellular healing occurs. Many severe diseases as allergies, asthma, arthritis, and high blood pressure are also alleviated with acupuncture. One must understand the metabolic aspects of chronic body water shortage and, acid-alkaline balance. You can help heal yourself by restoring more water to your body.


Effects on cells: Every cell of the body should be waterlogged even if the skin is dry. The cells live in an ocean of salt water. Like fish in the ocean, all cells of the body must adapt to the laws of the sea to function.

Water fills empty spaces and transports blood cells in the circulation. It dissolves all the body solids and increases oxygen to the cells. It is the glue that keeps the solid parts of cells together. It rapidly moves sodium and potassium in and out of cell membranes. Water generates electrical and magnetic energy inside every cell of the body. It is the main source of energy production and also regulates energy by osmotic balancing. Everything in your body needs water to live.

A chronic shortage of water in the body eventually kills some body cells. DNA is damaged in the cell nucleus. There is a loss in the DNA repair system. Cell receptors lose their balancing processes of the hormonal control systems. The immune systems can't recognize abnormal cells, can't destroy, them and can't filter and remove them.

Chemical reactions in cells produce very acidic products. Water must wash these acid elements from the cells, take them to the liver and release them through the kidneys. If this acid elimination is incomplete, the fine detailed DNA transcription patterns in the cell nuclei become eroded and with time these cells can become abnormal and cancerous.

Effects on immune system: Water prevents DNA damage and makes the DNA repair system more efficient. It helps the immune system in the bone marrow become efficient in fighting infections and cancer. It normalizes the bone marrow, decreasing chances of leukemia and lymphomas. Eosinophils (white cells) are sensitive to histamine and block bone marrow immune system activity. The bone marrow is very involved in water control. All white cells have histamine receptors. Dehydration suppresses the immune system by releasing vasopressin that stimulated cortisone release. Increased cortisone makes interleukin-1 released from some white blood cells. Interleukin -1 makes tissue breakdown by releasing raw materials from the body protein reserves. Interleukin-2 and interferon become blocked. Interferon is an essential element necessary for immune system function. It caused local release of hydrogen peroxide and ozone that kill bacteria and cancer cells. Water may play a role in prevention of cancer and even curative. Cancer cells are produced in an acidic environment. Most chemotherapeutic drugs are alkaline in function. Cancer cells are anaerobic and don't like oxygen. Oxygen actually kills cancer cells. An increase in water intake can help battle infections, foreign agents, and even aberrant cancer cells.

Effects on brain: The brain weighs only 3 pounds and represents only 2% of the body weight. It requires 20% of the circulation of the body and its cells contain 85% water. The brain can only tolerate a one percent loss of water.

A special fluid called cerebrospinal fluid baths the brain. This fluid contains more Na (sodium) than K (potassium). This fluid filters away the toxic water from continuing brain cell activity. It also is a shock absorber for the brain.

The capillaries in the brain make this spinal fluid. Brain capillaries are unusual since they have no perforations in their walls for free diffusion of elements. Their walls, being solidly sealed, protect the brain from sudden change in composition of the blood.

Water gives the brain power for thinking by helping brain neurotransmitters function. Seratonin and melatonin are produced only when adequate brain hydration is present. Water increases the work efficiency of the brain, attention span is lengthened, and restores normal sleep rhythms. Memory loss is prevented as we age by adequate water intake.

Effects on energy: Energy is generated and stored in three types of body batteries. ATP (adenosine triphosphate), GTP (guanosine triphosphate), and Calcium dumps (called endoplatic reticulum). Each cell has a Cation pump. These cell pumps act as an automatic cleaning system for the cells. They balance the inside of the cells by using hydroelectric energy to remove elements out of the cells. These pumps are essential to the cells.

With adequate water fatigue is reduced, sex hormones are produced, and libido is increased. Stress, depression, and anxiety are reduced.

Effects on foods: Water is the main solvent for foods, vitamins, and minerals. It breaks down foods into particles that the body can assimilate. Water also energizes food; without water food has no value. When we eat, we need water to break down the foods before food can be utilized. It also increases the rate of absorption of essential substance in foods. Water transports all these food substances inside the body.

Effects on blood: Water helps the red blood cells get oxygen from the lungs into the cell membranes. It dilates the blood preventing sediment deposits in the blood (thus preventing blood clots). Water is the best cooling and heating system of the body. Stroke and heart attacks are reduced in people who are well hydrated.

Effects on joints: Water lubricates joints and makes spinal discs more shock absorbent. Calcium deposits in the joints are removed.

Effects on obesity: Over one half of Americans are overweight or obese. Losing fat is a slow process if done safely. You must visualize a slimmer you and must really desire this outcome. Hunger and thrust are sensations brought on by histamine. Often these signals are confused. Drink water before you eat and you will see yourself happier. We often eat first and the solid foods pull free water from the body. Histamine release sends a call for water and we read this signal erroneously and respond by consuming food. Food is also converted to ATP and certainly satisfies the taste buds more than water. Yet, ingested water is a more effective way to supply ATP energy to the brain than food. Food can only generates energy for the brain by way of sugar. Twenty percent of the energy from the food we eat goes to the brain and the other 80% goes to fat cells that store sugar in the form of fat. All the brain really craves is water yet we try to supply this energy by eating more food. Drink water and the sensations of thirst and hunger will become separated. Don't overeat, when in fact you are thirsty.

You can solve your obesity problem by drinking 2 glasses of water one half hour before a meal and 1 glass again after the meal. The timing for drinking water is essential. It takes ½ hour for the body to separate thirst from food. You will eat less food, feel full faster, and crave more proteins. Within 3 weeks you will lose the collection of swelling stored the body tissues (which weigh about 8-14 pounds). Add exercise twice a day to activate the fat burning lipase enzyme, and you are on your way to a slim you.

A major result of lack of water is collecting and storing fat. Sensation of thirst and hunger occur. One eats instead of drinking. Food when eaten supplies 20% of brain energy. The remaining 80% of the food supplies energy for exercise and movements; the rest becomes stored fat.

An enzyme called lipase breaks down fat. The hormone adrenalin stimulates it. (A glass of water stimulates adrenalin for 2 hours and the end result is a gradual loss of stored fat). Muscle activity stimulates lipase production for 12 is the best laxative for the body hours. Two sessions of daily walks will result in a constant 24-hour release of this fat burning hormone.

Fat undergoes several steps before it becomes carbon dioxide and can pass into the lungs. Sweetness on the tongue stimulates the pancreas to secrete insulin. This insulin then stimulates the fat cells to turn the sugar and carbohydrates into fat. When dehydrated, the body seeks salt and this stimulates overeating.

Effects on toxins: Water cleans the toxic wastes from the cells of the body and removes these toxins via the urine.. Deposits in the kidney, brain, skin and liver are hence removed. Water also fills the cell water reserves. Excess water is not stored. In fact, water is the best laxative for the body.

Effects on addictions from coffee, alcohol and drugs:

Coffee is a booster to the body's engine. It forces a release of ATP energy by the brain (thus depleting the reserve ATP in the brain). Low levels of ATP signal fatigue to each cell. They then require more stimuli to become activated. Brain opiates are less efficient at a depressed level until the depleted ATP is replenished. To survive, some cells must even stop functioning, thus resulting in chronic fatigue.

We drink a lot of coffee, tea, beer, wine, and juices. Chemicals in pops alter the body's central nervous system's chemistry. Juices increase histamine production. The natural sugars in juices program the liver to store fat. Nothing can substitute for water. Coffee dehydrates the entire body. One often urinates 2 cups of urine after drinking one cup of coffee. Coffee blocks melatonin that is essential for sleep. It also blocks enzymes that are needed for memory and learning and turns on energy burning functions that lead to exhaustion.

Alcohol also dehydrates the body by blocking vasopressin that is essential for brain rehydration (this results in further dehydration). Alcohol also causes depression, impotence, liver damage, and immune suppression. Alcohol certainly releases endorphins, which then become depleted from the body. It produces free radicals (acid like substances), and uses up melatonin in the body. Brain cell membranes lose water, endorphins are suppressed, and depression occurs. Kick the alcohol habit by increasing your water intake.


Water sustains life and gives life to all body functions. We look constantly for drug solutions to everything. We create a level of thinking that causes problems. These problems can't be solved at this same level of thinking. We must enhance natural healing by replacing a drug approach solution with a new discipline of thought with new assumptions. Drugs do not cure most diseases. Long term they are dangerous and mask the outside symptoms of the problem. There is no cure for heartburn, arthritis, migraine, asthma, nor cancer, despite all the research dollars spent. We know only 10% of how our bodies function. Water, and only water, is the best nutrient for the body.
Consider acupuncture as an adjunct to correct the symptoms of chronic dehydration


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